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Maarit Kivioja
 (1168) Lessons
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2 days ago
45 Min: £24.90 / € 28.90 / $30.97
Joni Lutzman
 (89) Lessons
 (15) Reviews
3 days ago
45 Min: £16.91 / € 19.63 / $21.03
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Personal Skype Finnish lessons. Learn what you want; when you want.

Find your perfect Finnish teacher. Learn at your own pace following a curriculum designed around you. There's no upfront cost and many tutors offer free trial lessons so you can try before you buy. Book and schedule your classes online. It's an easy, fun and effective way to build your fluency.

Practice Finnish on Skype. Learn with experienced language tutors worldwide.

There's no better way to learn a new language than to speak it. Using Skype let's you connect with native speaking teachers from where you are right now and enjoy a more interactive learning experience. Real people, real conversation, it's what learning to speak Finnish is all about.

Zero travel costs.

Live conversation.

One to one tuition.

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