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Hello, my name is Maria Mazzaglia and I'm 40 years old and currently living in Italy. I am a native Italian speaker and teach English, Italian. I have taught online with since May 2008. I can speak the following languages fluently: Italian, English, Spanish. I am currently offering a free initial trial lesson for new students.

Detailed Profile in English

About me

My name is Maria. I was born in Catania, Italy.

I moved to the United States ten years ago. I am temporarily in Italy, at the moment.

After High School I traveled to the United States for 9 months, and studied English in Los Angeles, learning with my fellow beautifully international students how wonderful it is to communicate our human wealth of sameness and differences.

I studied languages and literature at the University of Catania without graduating. For 5 years I worked for an Italian company that represents and distributes foreign companies in Italy, assisting in purchase, sales and customer services.

I love languages, their unique sounds and souls, and I love teaching.

I love animals, I study herbology, I am also a Massage Therapist and I am vegan.

Qualifications & Experience

Both my studies and practice of the English language in an international environment gave me skills in comprehending people that have different linguistic, personal and cultural backgrounds.

I have privately taught English and Italian to kids, teenagers, young adults, adults and very wise people.

Having a conversation in actual Italian with students who could only say -or mispronounce, "pizza, amore, pasta and spaghetti" is a great satisfaction and something I am thankful for.

I am very pleased to find here people who enjoy learning and communicating.

My teaching experience is growing everyday thanks to my wonderful students!

Teaching Approach

My approach is flexible. I like my students to have a good time while they are engaging their brains so I use a combination of methods.

A general plan includes pronunciation, reading comprehension, conversation, grammar drills. The material used also reflects the student's interest and specific needs. I like to include a variety of topics especially related with the Arts: literature, movies, dance, music, etc.

Files and internet links will be used to complement lessons.

For absolute beginners the focus is on sounds, basic vocabulary / phraseology, and basic grammar.

Paced and casual conversations will help to comprehend and identify grammar patterns.

I look forward to teach and learn from you!

Detailed Profile in Italian

About me

Mi chiamo Maria.

Sono siciliana e vivo negli Stati Uniti da 10 anni, ma in questo momento mi trovo in Italia.

Qualifications & Experience

Dopo l'esame di maturita' sono stata per nove mesi negli Stati Uniti, dove ho studiato inglese come seconda lingua a contatto con persone di diverse culture ed e' stata un'esperienza meravigliosa.

Per cinque anni ho lavorato come segretaria e corrispondente in una ditta che rappresenta e distribuisce prodotti esteri in Italia.

Ho insegnato privatamente inglese ed italiano a persone di tutte le eta'.

Teaching Approach

Mi piace preparare le lezioni tenendo conto dello studente, dei suoi progressi e dei suoi interessi, per cui uso ed integro diversi metodi.

Elementi di cultura, cinema, musica e arte in generale, da analizzare e discutere, sono spesso inseriti nelle lezioni con files o internet links.

My last class was :
2 days ago.

08 Feb 2017
By : wnewington
Subject : Italian 

Really having fun learning with Maria. She calmly corrects my pronunciation & helps me to get the sounds correct. With luck I will lose my terrible "Australian - Italian" accent ! Love being able to book lessons to suit my schedule. Thanks Maria :)

08 Feb 2017
By : wnewington
Subject : Italian 

I am loving learning with Maria. She has a calm, understanding and very professional approach to her lessons. Maria is helping me get a grasp on grammar that I previously didn't understand well. I travel with work so online learning is great for me

15 Jan 2017
By : Simon D
Subject : Italian 

Very good first lesson, looking forward to the next one. Thx

24 Nov 2016
By : Amynicole012
Subject : Italian 

Maria responded to my message promptly, and our first lesson together went great! I am very much a beginner in Italian, so I am grateful for her patience and preparation. She is very professional. She used what I know to build the lesson.

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