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Hello, my name is John Porfyris and I'm 68 years old and currently living in ATHENS - Greece. I am a native Greek speaker and teach English, German, Greek. I have taught online with since January 2012. I can speak the following languages fluently: Greek, English, French, German, Spanish.

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12 May 2016
By : vinc691
Subject : German 

The combination of the verb word list, workbook and speaking and listening portion of the lesson is really good. I'm starting to hear and understanding some of the German words that i here on TV and understand what they are trying to say.

27 Apr 2016
By : vinc691
Subject : German 

i like the progress i am making throughout the couple of lessons. Today was a good lesson, i have realized where my weakness are that are inhibiting me from progressing.

21 Apr 2016
By : vinc691
Subject : German 

I feel comfortable speaking German that i do know. It is really good to express my thoughts when i know i can do it. I like that the lesson are organic. looking forward to the next lesson

20 Apr 2016
By : vinc691
Subject : German 

i feeling more comfortable speaking German now. And being able to hear the words is truly Godsend.

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