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Natalia Roig
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Hello, my name is Natalia Roig and I'm 40 years old and currently living in Spain. I am a native Spanish speaker and teach Greek, Spanish. I have taught online with since February 2013. I can speak the following languages fluently: Spanish, English, Greek. I am currently offering a discounted initial trial lesson at 50% of my normal lesson price for new students.

Detailed Profile in English

About me

I am a professional Spanish Teacher with over six years experience.

I am a very energetic person and have an outgoing personality that I can not hide when I am teaching. This way of being has made me lots of friends among my students and I can proudly say that all of them have been able to reward my efforts with remarkable results, both final exams and in their personal experiences with the language.

I like to write, watch films, read and travel. I love creativity as a way of learning. I also paint and draw in my free time, and do some sewing also. I like to make workshops with friends and enjoy free time through creative activities.

Qualifications & Experience

I decided I wanted to teach for vocational reasons. I really enjoy teaching and like to have fun with students in all of my classes. When I started working as a teacher I realized that a bit of a laugh in the class is the spark that breaks the ice in the beginning.

I see each student as an individual who knows what he wants but does not know how to get it, which is where I can assist as a teacher. I provide each student with the instruments I think suit them best from the wide amount of methods that exist. I teach students how each method works in order to get the best results and respect each student as a creative individual.

I wanted to become a teacher having completed my degree in Humanities Studies. I found a very interesting course in Alicante where I was living at that time called, "E/LE Spanish as a foreign language". I achieved the diploma with the highest results after 6 months and started working straight after in my first language academy called Alhambra.

Following this I went to another language school called Enforex, and eventually to a language academy in Greece, where I stayed for 3 years. I am currently undertaking a course in online teaching which is very interesting and assists me to improve my skills as a teacher. I have been teaching online since 2010 after teaching in a language school in Greece.

While improving my skills as a teacher online, I have also completed a degree in Spanish Philology through the Spanish Open University UNED. To be on both sides of the learning process has taught me how to face the possible hurdles a student can encounter and how to solve them.

Teaching Approach

All my lessons are customised for each student bearing in mind their particular needs. I design the structure and content after negotiation with the student on the type of approach that he wants to use to learn the language.

Organization of the subject, clarity of message transmission and especially a love of what I am teaching, is the aim of all lessons.

As in a offline teaching session I like to start by making a review of what we learnt in the previous lesson. This gives the sense that every grammatical aspect is connected. After that we will discuss what we are going to learn that particular day. In every class I try to make the student to practice reading, writing, listening and talking. I really like to use different texts (from articles to recipes) as a pretext to learning grammar and cultural aspects.

In my language classes I like to combine classical methods with modern ones, always focusing on the communicative aspects. Quality resources are essential to carry out quality tutorial sessions, and the way to achieve this is to continually research and reflect on existing resources from a critical standpoint.

My last class was :
8+ days ago.

11 May 2013
By : melissav
Subject : Greek 

Natalia is EXCELLENT! She is very patient, knowledgeable and friendly. The lesson was great and I really look foward to learning under her tutelage!

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