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Hello, my name is Stephen legendre and I'm 40 years old and currently living in France. I am a native French speaker and teach French. I have taught online with since January 2014. I can speak the following languages fluently: French, English. I am currently offering a free initial trial lesson for new students.

Detailed Profile in English

About me

I am a French teacher trained in Edinburgh, UK, my mother tongue is French. My passion for the English language then my long teaching experience have gradually transformed my teaching and made it profitable to learners of all levels, the content follows the needs and learners get exactly what they look for. It is also about respecting attitudes, individuals and the psychology bringing better results.

My last testimonial in Sept 2016: "I just wanted to say thanks for all the help you gave me.

Because of it, I was able to achieve not only an A* in French, but full UMS marks (marks for whole course: 300/300).

You were very helpful and understanding even when I got things wrong (however basic), and I'm sure you'll get an email from my little brother before too long!" - Rohan

Qualifications & Experience

I have an Applied Foreign Languages Degree and MA (English, German, Business, Economics, International Law, Accountancy) and the UK's PGCE (Teacher's Qualification).

I am also a professional live coach (Certified by Health Coach Training, Florida in 2009)

Teaching Approach

I have helped hundreds of learners reach success in nearly 12 years of online teaching.

Learning French requires learning the grammar, the vocabulary but then the ability to express spontaneously, freely without hesitation or fear. As a teacher I will help you get the grammar and vocabulary knowledge and as a coach I will help you express with ease and you will learn ways to feel more confident.

Did you know that you can sound a lot more confident when speaking French by replacing the umm.... by pure silences when starting a sentence.This guarantees immediate success because this creates an interaction with the listener. Did you know that French people often shorten words like "chais pas" instead of "Je ne sais pas". In fact, by pronouncing each syllable clearly with a good tone or stress you will attract the attention tremendously.

If you slowdown your speech, you have more control over it and you become more interesting to the listener

Finally, the higher your level of French is when you speak at an oral exam for instance, the higher the impact on the listener.

If you want more tips in order to succeed your exams or to simply get a good level of French as an adult learner, if you want to easily adapt your French to situations, to learn the day-to-day French expressions that you can use with French speaking friends but also their elegant or high level equivalent expressions for when you express seriously about a topic, not only at an exam but also with people you want to show respect, you may contact me and we can start in a trial class and you can feel straightaway how my classes will benefit you.

Adult beginners (no age limit), UK GCSE and A Level learners, students of any country provided that they also speak English, conversational class students are all welcome.

Some students have classes for limited periods of time just prior to their test or in order to write essays. I can offer that too.

If you have a special requirement about French learning, don't hesitate to ask me and I will offer you the best competitive rate.

Plus you are looking for:

A trustworthy teacher with a long successful experience teaching adult learners around the globe...

A qualified teacher with a solid experience,

who would never let you down, would follow every step that you take with enthusiasm and guide you to success

A good listener who would never judge you..

A teacher with positive mind and energy to motivate you and train you in order for you to become a winner.

You are willing to take your level to the next step, you truly want to be successful... Welcome !

Before booking, feel free to contact me and ask anything you want to know. Get a free trial class, experience my teaching, talk to me, ask me questions, tell me what you want to achieve, tell me about your talents, your weaknesses and start your success now !

Now based in Cambodia, I am offering those high quality classes at very competitive rates.

Latest testimonial:

Very good tutor! Patient with students and tailors the lesson to the student's needs! Def would recommend! :)

My original grade was a B however I got it remarked as i was only 2 marks of the A and I have just found out that it has moved to an A grade!!

Thank again for all your help, i really appreciated it!

Thank you]

Iman's level was low when she started with me, she had lost a lot of self confidence and was quite anxious, she felt she was behind everyone in her A-Level French class but with work and discipline she managed to reach the A grade !

My last class was :
6 days ago.

04 Jul 2016
By : Vanessa S
Subject : French 

J'ai beaucoup aimé la leçon avec Stephen! C'était formidable! ^^

07 Mar 2015
By : alessandra.scarton
Subject : French 

I took the trial lesson with a friend of mine and we both really enjoyed it! Stephen is clear and funny. We are defintely keep on learning French with him!

29 Aug 2014
By : HRM2003
Subject : French 

Excellent lesson. We will definitely use Stephen again.

22 Aug 2014
By : HRM2003
Subject : French 

Lesson was very effective for my 10 year old son. The interactive speaking is the key for him.

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