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Carmen Hello Moura
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Hello, my name is Carmen Hello Moura and I'm 37 years old and currently living in Brazil. I am a native Portuguese - Brazil speaker and teach Portuguese - Brazil. I have taught online with since October 2014. I can speak the following languages fluently: Portuguese - Brazil, English, Spanish.

Detailed Profile in English

About me

I'm a bilingual professional teacher of Portuguese / English for both Brazilians and foreigners.

I've traveled abroad and lived in the US where I attended college in an American university which gave me great cultural flexibility. I also graduated in Public Relations in Rio de Janeiro and have a masters in translation and interpretation.

I have plenty experience within international and enterprise environments as well as in the communication fields. I've taught for great courses that required high performance teachers including Wise Up and Aliança Cultural and online courses such as LiveLingua.

Qualifications & Experience

I've been working as a freelancer professional providing language services for many companies and clients:

Translation and Interpretation // Skype Classes // Coaching // Bilingual Consultant

My great experience comes from working directly with clients and companies of different cultures as well as other national and international experiences.

Teaching Approach

Tools and Professional techniques: the communicative approach in real life situations has been proven to be the best way of learning and internalizing a language.

I acquired different methods in each course I taught through tough training: communication, linguistic, drills, games etc..

The Communicative Approach mainly aims for spontaneous speech without leaving the grammar and rules aside, but in a dynamic way that makes students learn in less time and truly internalize the language.

Material: I have different books and online material for the students to follow plus many types of exercises.

My last class was :
8+ days ago.

27 May 2015
By : haraldgunia
Subject : Portuguese - Brazil 

Very professional, interactive appoach simulating real-life situations with great variability. High degree of customization leveraging my Spanish skills and the synergies with Portuguese

18 Apr 2015
By : csoutherlin
Subject : Portuguese - Brazil 

Fantastic lesson! It's nice to be taking lessons with Carmen once again.

20 Feb 2015
By : MacGinny25
Subject : Portuguese - Brazil 

Well done. Carmen is great at adjusting lesson plans and making students comfortable. I love her sessions.

10 Feb 2015
By : MacGinny25
Subject : Portuguese - Brazil 

Another awesome Class. Carmen is really good at adjusting pace and making the class easy to follow. Excited to keep going!!!

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