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Ksenia O'Shea
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Hello, my name is Ksenia O'Shea and I'm 43 years old and currently living in United Kingdom. I am a native Russian speaker and teach English. I have taught online with Verbalplanet.com since January 2015. I can speak the following languages fluently: Russian, German, Spanish.

Detailed Profile in English

About me

A versatile, multi-skilled professional with excellent communication skills gained throughout my teaching career, working with a variety of students ranging from young children to adults from diverse backgrounds and varying degrees of ability.

I worked for a number of years in schools: state and private, teaching pupils of different ages and different abilities. What’s more, I had a great experience teaching adults as well, which happened to be in a couple of educational language centres. Recently I was involved in e-teaching, teaching English to Russian students via Skype, which turned out to be a success. I am still teaching via Skype. I enjoy it thoroughly.

I have studied at two universities in Russia and in the United Kingdom. I have lived in the United Kingdom since 2001. I have worked as a host mother, helping foreign students to settle in a new environment, providing support, advice not just with the issues of psychological matter, but also the linguistic side as far as the language is concerned.


Qualifications & Experience

In November 2014 I completed an online 250 hour Level 5 Advanced TESOL course, which had additional 100 hours of core linguistics and phonology. It, without any doubt, has broadened my knowledge of the English language from its linguistic side and enhanced my expertise in teaching English.

I graduated from the Open University with an Upper Second-Class Honours (2.1) degree in Modern languages with Spanish and German in 2011. In addition to my excellent ability to express myself clearly in a concise manner, the knowledge of these two languages contributes to my professionalism and ,thus, enables me to provide effective and efficient lessons. For example, in the case of Spanish and German students who I can relate to as far as their culture and their language are concerned.

Besides, I dedicated a year to the course ‘Exploring the English language’ to gain a better understanding of regional and social varieties of English and all the linguistic features that accents and dialects encompass, broaden my knowledge of the origins of English and its development as a global language in a range of social contexts, gain a better understanding of teaching English within the curriculum in Britain in comparison to its teaching all over the world either as a second or foreign language.

I graduated from the Russian State Pedagogical University named after A.I.Herzen in Russia, St-Petersburg in 1996 to become a Teacher of Chemistry and the English Language, which is now considered comparable to British Bachelor ( Honours) degree Standard.

Teaching Approach

I am a highly experienced English tutor. I am enthusiastic and passionate about teaching English. I am a committed and dedicated individual who sets aims and objectives right for the lesson and encourages students to work efficiently and effectively in order to make lessons successful and productive.

I have taught a wide range of students of different backgrounds, ages and nationalities. I have worked in schools as well as educational centres. I have a great deal of experience teaching adults of different levels and different abilities. In my lessons I always use a variety of materials that are up-to-date, including audio and visual resources.

The content of the lesson varies whether students study business English, prepare for Cambridge exams, learn general English with me or whether students are children or adults. I cater for students’ needs and abilities. I prepare my lessons meticulously, planning them well in advance so that they are delivered in the most adequate and outstanding way. I provide appropriate feedback on either written or oral work. This way students feel more confident and progress steadily towards their next goal.

I hope to find ambitious, hard-working, diligent students who want to learn a language and dedicate all the time to achieve outstanding results, developing their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills up to an advanced level and become fluent speakers in the long run.

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23 Oct 2015
By : maryana30
Subject : English 

It was the most exciting interesting and productive lesson I’ve ever had. She inspired much confidence in me. We spoke lots and it was so cool. I’m looking forward to the next lesson. You are really the best. Thanks.

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