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Yun J Cho
Subject : Korean
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Hello, my name is Yun J Cho and I'm 32 years old and currently living in Sainte-Therese - Canada. I am a native Korean speaker and teach Korean. I have taught online with since February 2015. I can speak the following languages fluently: Korean, English.

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09 Oct 2016
By : Heba Ragnheišur H
Subject : Korean 

I have only had three lessons with Yun and I already think that she is very friendly, nice and fun. She is very relaxed and fun to talk to and makes sure to choose the material right for you. I definitely recommend her! Thank you Yun :)

05 Jun 2016
By : Steel93
Subject : Korean 

I had a few lessons with Yun, she's very intuitive, helpful and supportive person. Learning Korean language is fun! 당신이 최고입니다

28 Apr 2016
By : venilegivici
Subject : Korean 

Another great lesson! I love the cultural aspect of these classes -Miss Cho teaches every day and slang usage for words and phrases that you wouldn't learn in a book. Her lessons are meticulously prepared and easy to use. I'm ready for my next class

21 Apr 2016
By : venilegivici
Subject : Korean 

Great first lesson! Ms. Cho was patient, had great course materials prepared, and provided cultural context and excellent mnemonic devices for a beginning learner. I'm excited for my next class!

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