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Hello, my name is Keith Allison and I'm 34 years old and currently living in Bolivia. I am a native English speaker and teach English. I have taught online with since July 2016. I can speak the following languages fluently: English, Spanish. I am currently offering a free initial trial lesson for new students.

Detailed Profile in English

About me

Hi! My name is Keith Allison. I'm 33 years old, married, and a native English speaker born in Vancouver, Canada. I've traveled to a number of different countries and I love to get to know new places and people. My wife and I have lived for the past 4 1/2 years in Bolivia, South America, participating full-time in a volunteer educational work, where I've learned to speak Spanish fluently.

I've spent a large portion of my life living in large, cosmopolitan cities like Vancouver and Toronto, where I've had daily contact with individuals from a variety of cultures and languages. Thanks to this experience, and being a language learner myself living in a foreign country, I understand the how hard learning a language can be. I've learned personally what it takes to learn to communicate effectively in a second language.

My interests include all kinds of sports, travel, movies, listening to music, and playing the guitar.

Qualifications & Experience

I have completed an ACCREDITAT Teaching English as a Foreign Language course, where I received a Distinction level certificate with a final grade of 96%.

I also have extensive teaching and public speaking experience ranging from one-on-one classes, to interactive teaching with small groups of 20-30 people, to public speaking before large audiences of up to 2000 people. This teaching experience has been both in English and my second language, Spanish, and has been focused mainly on use of effective teaching methods as well as personal development and growth.

Teaching Approach

I like to make my classes flexible and friendly. I try to tailor my approach to the individual or individuals that I am teaching. This also leads to the students truly enjoying their classes and study sessions. I invite my students to tell me what their interests are and I aim to incorporate this information in my classes.

I can teach easygoing, conversational classes that allow the student to use the vocabulary they already know while adding other useful words and phrases. I also can lead a class that follows a more defined structure focused on grammar.

I want the student to do the majority of the speaking, so I try to make effective use of questions to encourage expression and motivate reflection. I also make an effort to focus on real-life situations in which their new knowledge will be practical and helpful.

Detailed Profile in Spanish

About me

Hola! Me llamo Keith Allison. Tengo 33 años y vivo en Bolivia junto con mi esposa. Aquí participamos de tiempo completo en una obra voluntaria de enseñanza. He viajado bastante, y me encanta conocer a nuevos lugares y personas. Me crié en Vancouver, Canadá y vivía varios años en la ciudad de Toronto, donde tenía la oportunidad de relacionarme casi diariamente con personas de diferentes culturas y lenguas. Ahora que vivimos en Bolivia, he logrado aprender a hablar y comunicarme bien en español. El hecho de que he aprendido otro idioma me ayuda a entender los desafios que existen para uno que está aprendiendo. También entiendo lo que hace falta, no solo para comunicarse en un segundo idioma, pero también para pensar y expresarse de una manera natural en la segunda lengua.

Qualifications & Experience

He concluido en curso ACCREDITAT TEFL/TESOL, en lo cual recibí un certificado de distinción con una nota final de 96%.

Tengo una experiencia amplia de enseñar y discursar públicamente, tanto a base individual como a grupos interactivos de 20 a 30 personas, y hasta ante audiencias grandes de hasta 2000 personas. Esta experiencia está en inglés y también en español, y tiene que ver más que todo con técnicas docentes al enseñar y con mejoramiento y desarrollo personal.

Teaching Approach

Me gusta adaptar mis lecciones al individuo o los individuos a quienes estoy enseñando. Cuando una persona ve lo practico que es cierto tema en su vida diaria, se esfuerza por aprenderlo. También resulta en que disfruta de verdad de sus clases y sesiones de estudio. Por eso invito a mis estudiantes a explicarme cuáles son sus intereses para que pueda incluir ciertos aspectos de su vida en sus clases. Me empeño por no hablar demasiado. Quiero que el estudiante hable más que yo, y por eso me esfuerzo a usar buenas preguntas que lo animan a expresarse y que lo motivan a meditar en lo que está aprendiendo.


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