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Hello, my name is Misaki N and I'm 28 years old and currently living in Norway. I am a native Japanese speaker and teach Japanese. I have taught online with Verbalplanet.com since August 2016. I am currently offering a discounted initial trial lesson at 50% of my normal lesson price for new students.

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About me

Hi guys! 

My name is Misaki, and I'm a fun and outgoing girl from Okayama, Japan. I'm living in Norway with my Norwegian husband.

I like Japanese culture, food and kawaii♡ Do you like anime? manga? or Ninja? We can talk about all these things together.

Actually I hate studying, so I guarantee a fun lesson. :D

Qualifications & Experience

I have the Certificate of 420+Hrs Course Completed in Advanced Skills of Teaching Japanese.

And I have taught Japanese language at Japanese school in Japan.

After that I moved to Norway, and experienced online Japanese teaching 1 and half year (over 500 lessons).

Teaching Approach

I'm using both tablet and whiteboard in my lessons. So if I need to explain, I will use my whiteboard for grammar, drawing pictures, Kanji etc... And I use a tablet instead of Flashcards, and I can show you some pictures :)

I can customize your lesson. What do you need? Where is your goal? Do you want to speak with Japanese? We can practice speaking and listening. Do you want to read Manga in Japanese? We can practice reading and Kanji! Or do you want Japanese friends? I can support :)

Sometimes we will read the news or a kids book on a website, it's good for improving your reading and speaking skills. Then we can discuss a topic, it's good for speaking and listening skills.

Enjoy Japanese!

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About me


私は今、ノルウェー人の夫と ノルウェーに 住んでいます。

楽しいこと、アクティブなことが 大好きです♡


日本のアニメが好きですか? 日本文化?料理?


Qualifications & Experience




Teaching Approach







ここまで たくさん漢字を使いました。難しかったですか?

質問があれば いつでもメッセージを送ってください!


My last class was :
8+ days ago.

13 Mar 2017
By : kittenlazer
Subject : Japanese 

Another great lesson! :D

23 Feb 2017
By : kittenlazer
Subject : Japanese 

Lesson was super fun, and learned a lot! :3

16 Feb 2017
By : kittenlazer
Subject : Japanese 

Super fun lesson and Misaki is really easy to talk to. I'm excited for my next lesson :)

22 Dec 2016
By : ilariav
Subject : Japanese 

Another great lesson. Misaki San is a great teacher as she encourages you to speak and repeat when you make mistakes :).

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