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Hello, my name is Roy Samuels and I'm 53 years old and currently living in Poland. I am a native English speaker and teach English. I have taught online with since September 2016. I can speak the following languages fluently: English, French, Polish, Spanish. I am currently offering a free initial trial lesson for new students.

Detailed Profile in English

About me

I'm a native English speaker currently living in Wroclaw, Lower Silesia Poland since 2015.

I'm an engaging, open and professional teacher. I'm approachable, patient and diligent, I'm flexible with the primary focus being on the advancement and success of my students. I speak English (native) and French (fluently) and can hold a basic conversation in Spanish and Polish.

I'm open to new experiences including new languages and cultures. At university, I studied, Society and Social Science & Mathematics in education. Privately, I also studied sports psychology and psychotherapy with hypnosis.

Architecture and astronomy are two hobbies I've always been interested in. In recent years, I've been involved with European Union projects and this has given me a keen insight into marketing, public relations and coaching. I love music, which I write and perform at festivals, I interview for online radio and I contribute to online blogs.

I'm passionate about my Teaching, the follow-up lesson is always on my mind even before the current one has ended. I'm up at 5.30 a.m. most weekday mornings in final preparation for the lessons I have that day. I anticipate sharing my enthusiasm for the English language, British culture and its rich heritage.

I never see problems, I only see challenges and opportunities.

Qualifications & Experience

I received my TEFL license in 2002 from the University of Ulster, this included work experience to assess my ability to provide learning to students of different ages and abilities. Since then I've taught English as a foreign language. My Teaching experience began in England and Northern Ireland and has continued in Poland since 2015. My Teaching focus is on both conversational English (language and pronunciation) and also business English including norms, culture, history, literature, humour and regional accent.

Since 2010, I've worked on European Union projects with groups including Semper Avanti and UNESCO. In the main, my students want to learn to speak English because they want to travel, work or study in the UK. Many students want to learn English because it's one of the entry requirements for further study or advancement within their company or a new job role they're keen to pursue. With that in mind, I've helped them prepare for TOEFL, TOEIC, Cambridge English and the Pearson tests. Some of my students want help in preparation for their C2 certification, so I've helped oversee any English comprehension or projects they need to undertake or complete.

Teaching Approach

My lessons cater to both younger students and adults and I cover all levels of learning from A1/A2 to C1/C2. I work with the needs of the student and use a Blended learning approach to language learning which takes into account the learning style of the student. I Base my lessons on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

My Teaching has always been about recognising the student's wants and needs and adapting my teaching style to match that of the student's requirements. This involves a lot of patience and understanding on my part and a focus on diligence and endeavour to get the student where they want and need to be. I never see a problem with any situation my student finds themselves in; I only see challenges with a number of solutions that can be met and overcome with the student being the focus of the process.

I always foster a safe environment for my students in which they can feel free to make mistakes and not fear ridicule or condemnation. In fact, I encourage my students to feel free to work with the challenge of being uncomfortable and not knowing the answers through to feeling comfortable and knowing the answers.

Language learning should always be a fun and enjoyable experience for both the teacher and the learner. I believe there are times in a learning environment when you should be serious and attentive to the learning at hand. On other occasions, I feel that the lesson can be open to a relaxed, less rigid setting, but this always must depend on the specific context of the lesson.


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