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Hello, my name is Emily Goodpaster and I'm 55 years old and currently living in Italy. I am a native English speaker and teach English. I have taught online with Verbalplanet.com since September 2016. I can speak the following languages fluently: English, Italian. I am currently offering a free initial trial lesson for new students.

Detailed Profile in English

About me

Hello Everyone!

I am an American citizen living in Milan, Italy, and am here to help you really learn English while having a lot of fun!

Learning English can be a challenge. We all know that the best way to improve your English is to practice. But practice isn't always easy. Everyone needs to find a comfortable learning environment where their own particular needs are met. Everyone needs the right teacher. I have years of experience with many different cultures and native speakers, and there is nothing I enjoy more than sharing my language with those who want to learn. You can practice speaking English now with me!

As an educator for over 100 companies and performing arts venues in Italy, I have acquired 20 years of experience in the art of English communication in Italy and abroad. My English teaching career has spanned several areas ranging from commercial, business and financial English to IT, Internet and website text creation and translation, and finally to the performing arts, television, musical production, journalism, tourism and advertising.

Having received my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Syracuse University in Musical Theater, I have been particularly active in the communicative aspect of language and have developed a unique understanding of the "bi-cultural" approach to English as a second language. I have taught international students at all levels of proficiency and of all ages. Combined with my practical knowledge as an interpreter, translator, educator and consultant, these qualities enable me to efficiently deliver a final product which is clear, precise and tailored to each student's individual needs, whether it be TOEFL, TOEIC or similar exams, or high level public speaking or business preparation.

Most of all, I know what a student feels when trying to learn a different language. I learned Italian many years ago and am fluent today thanks to this method of one to one speaking with mother tongue Italians. Face to face lessons are the quickest and most effective language learning method, and what you learn will stay with you as long as you keep the language alive! Speaking, listening, reading and writing. They can ALL be fun when you're working with a dedicated, good teacher.

I am currently offering a free initial trial lesson for new students! Stop by and say hello...

Qualifications & Experience

Language Educator in Milan, Italy

Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Syracuse University, New York


• ESOL Teacher, Vocal Trainer, Voice Coach/ Singer/ Musician/ Language Trainer in Milano, Lombardia

• Understand Italian education culture at both professional and social levels; consecutively worked freelance with individual students, groups and translation projects.

• Designed and taught technical and commercial English courses for the Region of Lombardy and The Foundation of Social Education for European Countries organizing English and technical courses for American Language in Context Centro Studi Professionale - CERTA - CSEA - CSL- Consorzio FIA - Educational Enterprises - ENAIP - EURACOF IRESCOGI - Lingua Professionale - MilanoPerLaDonna - MLS- MMT- OMNIA ORGA - Panton Communications Traduko

• Representative in Italy for American Language in Context, New York City/ MIlan •Wrote articles for major publication designed for Italians studying English • Organized playwrights contest for Warren Robertson Studio, NYC

• Taught English both independently and with private schools from 1990 to present; clients include Agos Italfinco - Alstom - AMSA Banca IntesaWebTV - Bayer - Consoft - Credit Suisse - Duracell Epierre –EXPO 2015 - General Motors - Gruppo ENI S.p.A.- ( Agip, Eni Corporate University, Unidata, Enifin, Eni Gas & Power, EniPower, LNG Shipping, Polimeri Europa, Saipem, Snam Rete Gas, etc.), Gruppo Mediaset - Infostrada - Luxottica - Montell - Nokia -Pagine Italia Panerai - Pharmacia - Pirelli -Porsche - Publitalia Seat - Setefi - Siemens - Sulzer Medica - Tecnosistemi Telemarketing, Inc. -Walt Disney Italia, etc.

English- Mother Tongue

Italian- Fluent

Teaching Approach

I love to teach. In my many years of teaching English to all ages and levels, I have found a balanced approach to the language phenomenon which includes many methods of traditional learning styles.

The individual is of utmost importance in every encounter, as we find is true even for a conversation between two or more mother tongue speakers. Every student has particular needs. After discerning how a student can best learn in a class situation, I create a thoroughly personalized syllabus for that student, touching on all of the four pillars of language:reading, writing, listening and speaking. I like to use a communicative language program, which specifies the communicative functions a learner would need in order to communicate effectively at a given level of competence. Opportunities for structural input such as practice of language patterns and grammar are always pertinent, and certainly an emphasis on authentic contexts with example sentences being authentic and potentially of communicative use rather than arbitrary examples of form with little or no communicative value.

In my classroom/virtual classroom, I use a lot of authentic listening and reading material as outside references and far fewer contrived texts designed to illustrate grammatical form or present items of vocabulary and with no attempt to communicate a meaningful message to the listener or reader. Perhaps the most enduring legacy of my communicative approach is that I incorporate motivating and purposeful communicative activities and principles into the classroom while simultaneously retaining the best elements of other methods and approaches in order to achieve solid, painless progress combined with a great amount of fun!


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