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Hello, my name is Gary Morris and I'm 57 years old and currently living in Germany. I am a native English speaker and teach English. I have taught online with since September 2016. I am currently offering a free initial trial lesson for new students.

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About me

Hi, My name is Gary Morris. I am currently a Freelance Personal and Business English trainer residing in Dreieich, Germany. My biggest clients are ArenaLingua, a major English school located in Frankfurt, and Cassini Consulting, also located in Frankfurt. Though I enjoy teaching groups of students, my greatest successes and most gratifying experiences have come from individual tutoring.

I am also a published author, having written the "Handy Genealogy Handbook" series, a collection of Genealogy handbooks for the fifty United States, and also one for Ireland. I enjoy helping people to learn, and watching a student steadily progress and become more confident in their speaking and writing of English, is a great source of joy to me.

Meeting and getting to know new people is one of the greatest benefits of teaching, and accordingly, I look forward to meeting you and helping you to reach your desired level in the English language.

Qualifications & Experience

I received my training in English tutoring at Arenalingua, one of the most prestigious Language Schools in Germany with branches in Frankfurt, Hamburg, Cologne, Munich, Nuremberg and Stuttgart, and provider of first-class English instruction to both individuals and major corporations such as Ernst and Young and Deutsche Bahn, Germany's and Europe's largest railway operator. I have been teaching English since arriving in Germany in 2011.

Teaching Approach

I generally use the TEFL Methodology of teaching English; Presentation, Practice, and Production. It is much the same as teaching anything. First I demonstrate and explain an aspect of the language we are learning, that is the Presentation part, next I will ask you to Practice it with my guidance, and eventually we will see Production in the form of your enhanced English skills. It is much the same as a golf instructor first demonstrating to a student how to grip the club, how to position the ball and their body, and finally how to swing the club. It is the same method by which Tiger Woods learned to play golf!

Of course, every individual is different, learns by different methods, and at their own rate. This is one of the aspects of teaching individuals I like the most. It gives me an opportunity to not only get to know what works best for each individual and adapt the different aspects of the methodology to suit them, but it also gives me the chance to get to know the individual themselves.

The greatest part of my first lesson with any student is largely conversational. That helps me to grasp an immediate knowledge of their level of English speaking so that I can quickly decide the best approach to learning for them. Your input during the initial session is also important, so think about what you would like to achieve so that we can achieve your goal together as quickly as possible. As you are on this website, you are obviously motivated to learn. I am motivated to teach, so together, let's take your English to the next level. Whether you're a beginner, intermediate, or a fluent speaker who wants to refine their grammatical knowledge, let's do it!


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