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Hello, my name is Steve Sanz and I'm 37 years old and currently living in Mexico. I am a native English speaker and teach English, Spanish. I have taught online with since January 2017. I can speak the following languages fluently: English, Spanish. I am currently offering a free initial trial lesson for new students.

Detailed Profile in English

About me

My name is Steve Sanz and I was born in San Diego, California in the United States. As I was growing up, my parents spoke Spanish to us (the children) and at school we were surrounded by English speakers. My accent therefore is American and I have also enjoyed receiving formal training in the reading, writing and public speaking aspects of the language. This is something that I like to pass on to the benefit of the students I work with, I feel truly satisfied when I do so. Whatever else I achieve in my lifetime, whether it be in my other passion, which is painting, I always see myself first and foremost as a teacher. When I see the contentment and the feeling of achievement in my students, that's when I know that I have done a good job.

I have had much experience teaching others the English language, both in a formal teaching setting and in informal situations too. I have been doing so on and off for the last ten years, but have only recently made it my goal to dedicate myself to it more fully. As of right now, I have had the pleasure of working with individuals from Mexico, China and Russia. Hopefully, with this platform I can reach even more students from all places and all walks of life.

Lastly, I am just like anyone else here... I am also a student. I am currently learning Mandarin. I know how difficult it is, I know the feeling you get when it seems as if you'll never get around to the other side of the curve. However, I am here to help and together, working hard and being completely honest with each other, we can make it work. You can achieve success, I will be with you every step of the way!

Qualifications & Experience

Acquired TESOL certification in October 2015 through the Canadian Institute of English

Ten years experience as a freelance English teacher

Bachelor's in Linguistics will be completed by October 2017

Teaching Approach

This is about the student, the student helps to set the pace of the classes and lets me know what he/she wants to accomplish. I simply lend a hand in their journey.

Idioms make up a large part of the subjects I work with for one big reason, idioms help the student get a deeper understanding of the language and of the culture in which they plan to integrate themselves.

Pictures speak clearly and loudly, I use them to start conversations and review grammar.... a lot can be learned from them!

Humor is fundamental to the learning environment, we need to laugh at ourselves in order to feel better about ourselves. Laughter has been known to aid in the learning process and it keeps things much more interesting.

My teaching approach is to adapt to each individual student, for the simple reason that every person is different and learns in different ways. The challenge for a teacher in a large classroom is or course, trying to reach every individual in the class. For this, more time is needed to dedicate to those who may have trouble keeping up. With that being said, I do have strong opinions as to what the size of the class should be, because I believe patience is of the utmost importance in a learning setting. The student needs to be understood by the teacher, and the teacher does well to make every possible effort to do so. When the student feels that he/she belongs, learning becomes much easier for that student. There are many methods I can delve into now, but for that I have written essays on specific methods based on TESOL theory. Examples include, Mind Mapping, Teaching Idioms, the Communicative Approach and so on.

Detailed Profile in Spanish

About me

Mi nombre es Steve Sanz. Yo nací en el estado de California en Estados Unidos. Desde pequeño nuestros padres nos enseñaron el lenguaje Español, tal como lo aprenden aquellos que crecimos en San Diego. Asi es que obviamente no lo hablamos como los que crecieron en México o en Sudamérica, etc. Me da gusto compartir con mis estudiantes el entrenamiento que he recibido en lo que tiene que ver con la lectura, la redacción y la oratoria pública. Me encanta pasar tiempo de calidad con mis estudiantes y pasarles el conocimiento y la experiencia que yo mismo he adquirido a traves de mi vida. Tengo otras pasiones tambien, como el de pintar cuadros de arte y dibujar. Me encantaría trabajar hombro a hombro, por así decirlo, con estudiantes motivados y deseosos de aprender el Español.

Qualifications & Experience

Recibí un certificado para enseñar el Español por medio de cuarenta métodos por el Instituto Canadiense de Inglés

Tengo más de diez años enseñando el Español e Inglés como tutor

Recibiré mi certificado conocido en EEUU como "Bachelor's degree" en Octubre del 2017

Teaching Approach

Siento que se necesita ser muy paciente con aquellos a los que queremos transmitir conocimiento y experiencia. Estas cosas son las cuales forman parte de un ambiente relajado y dado al aprendizaje. Cuando el estudiante se siente al cien por ciento cómodo con su maestro, el maestro puede llegarle al corazón con su enseñanza. Obviamente, queremos que lo que estamos enseñando se quede dentro del estudiante, que si es del todo posible, que no lo olvide. Por eso, mi opinión en este asunto se centra en esta importantísima cualidad.


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