About me

I am American and I live in the United States. My wife is French and teaches elementary school. We have a 6-year old boy. I hold a VFR private pilot's license. My interests are classical music, jazz, world travel, and collecting rare wines. I hope you do book me for a free trial lesson but please arrive for the lesson! About 50% of new students DO NOT arrive for the free lesson. It is not polite to the teacher, plus it wastes my time. Therefore, please be a serious student, OK?

Qualifications & Experience

I have a degree in English literature and 10 years' experience teaching English as a foreign language. I taught English in Paris.

My background is in marketing, advertising, and the media.

I am amply qualified to tutor students who will be working cross-culturally in a professional setting.

Teaching Approach

I love teaching English. Helping students discover my language is quite satisfying. During the first lesson with a student I carefully listen to their objectives and plan future lessons based on specific needs. I am the tutor, but the student is the boss!

My lessons are challenging yet a lot of fun. I design customized role-playing exercises for each student. My students watch British and American videos on their own to discuss later with me online. I look for specific weaknesses students have yet are perhaps not aware of.

I particularly enjoy helping students who ask me to help them improve their presentation skills.

The English language is a powerful tool. If you are ready to work I would like to show you the many wonderful ways to use that tool.

I hope you will book a free trial lesson with me. Please understand that MANY new students book the free trial lesson but never arrive online for the lesson. At least 40% of "free trial" students never show up! Please only book me for the free trial lesson if you are a serious student. I promise to give you a fantastic free trial lesson. Thank you!