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Hallo, mein Name ist Elena A. und ich bin 44 Jahre alt. Meine Muttersprache ist Bulgarian und ich unterrichte Bulgarian, English, Japanese, Russian. Online-Unterricht bei Verbalplanet.com gebe ich seit Juni 2009. Ich beherrsche die folgenden Sprachen fließend: Bulgarian, English, Japanese, Russian.

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My background:

Hello! My name is Elena and I live in Bulgaria. My mother is Russian and my father is Bulgarian so I have two native languages - Bulgarian and Russian. I also have an MA degree in English and Japanese (Applied Linguistics). I love teaching and I would like to share with you the enthusiasm I have for languages.

Why students study with me:

I can help you improve your converstation skills and understand some difficult grammar (articles, verb tenses, perfective imperfective verbs in Bulgarian or Russian, etc). This will save you time in your studies and increase your confidence in speaking and writing.

Information for new students:

If you are scheduling your first lesson, please write me a short message with some general information about yourself and your previous language learning experience. I would advise new students to schedule lessons at least a week in advance. Due to limited availability I might not be able to accommodate all lesson requests (new students) within the same week. You can take advantage of the discounted trial lesson. Thank you!

Lesson payment:

Prepaid classes only (full lesson fee).

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I have an MA in Applied linquistics - English and Japanese language. I have taught English to adults and children. I have taught Bulgarian to private students who are foreigners. I have also taught Japanese at the university.


I use the communicative method in teaching. We will practise speaking. listening, reading and writing in every lesson. I can send you files to help you with your studies. I always work on tailoring my lessons to the needs of every individual student. Our lessons will be not only useful for you but also interesting and a lot of fun.

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Здравейте! Аз съм от България и освен български говоря английски, руски и японски. Преподаването ми носи голямо удовлетворение и радост. Имам опит и в подготвянето на ученици за изпитите IELTS и TOEFL iBT.

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Завършила съм Приложна лингвистика - английски и японски език. Освен това изучавах "Японски език и култура" в Токийския институт за чужди езици в продължение на една година със стипендия на японското министерство на образованието. Преподавам езици от 1999 г.


Използвам комуникативния метод на преподаване. С учениците ми упражняваме говоренето, слушането, четенето и писането във всеки урок. Мога да ви изпращам файлове, които да подпомагат обучението ви. Часовете ни ще бъдат не само полезни, а и много интересни и приятни.

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Здравствуйте! Меня зовут Елена. Я родилась в России, но живу в Болгарии. Преподаю английский, болгарский для иностранцев и японский.

Я буду рада ответить на Ваши вопросы!

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Я закончила университет - специальность "Приложная лингвистика - английский и японский язык". Я также училась в Токийском университете иностранных языков - специализация "Японский язык и культура". Я работаю учителем с 1999 года.


Я использую коммуникативный способ обучения.

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Vor 3 Tagen.
07 Aug 2019
Von : Jessica S
Sprache : Bulgarisch 
Excellent material and clear explanations!
01 Aug 2019
Von : Jessica S
Sprache : Bulgarisch 
Prepared, interesting and very learned - I enjoyed the 45 minutes immensely. I feel that she is a teacher with the knowledge to educate me to achieve the language level I want to achieve!
22 Nov 2018
Von : MintyWoodfine
Sprache : Bulgarisch 
We had a great lesson today! Lots of conversation practice as well as learning new verbs and the forms. Thanks Elena!
16 Okt 2018
Von : MintyWoodfine
Sprache : Bulgarisch 
Elena's classes are well structured and fun to follow! They can be challenging but she is patient and gives good corrections. Especially well organised for learning grammar! :-)

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