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 Hallo, mein Name ist Dan Dai und ich bin ein erfahrener Mandarin lehrer, der derzeit in China lebt. Ich unterrichte Mandarin seit Mai 2011. Ich biete derzeit eine ermäßigte erste Probestunde mit 50% Rabatt auf meinem normalen Unterrichtspreis für neue Schüler. 
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tutor 10 Nov 2021
 My three teenage sons have been studying Chinese with Dan for two years. He is engaging and effective. I can see and hear significant improvement in their confidence, vocabulary, and ability to express themselves.  
tutor 19 Jul 2021
 Thank you Dan, for this great class today in saying hello and how are you. I found it very interesting culturally as well, the information you gave me about the Chinese characters, I-Ching, and Feng Shui. Xie xie 
tutor 10 Jul 2021
 Thank you Dan, for this most informative and interesting lesson! I look forward to understanding your culture and your language better. It was so interesting to have such a broad overview with Chinese history and with the Tang dynastiy and its poet Li Bai.Xie, xie. 
tutor 09 Mai 2021
Risa K
 Thank you for your today's lesson. I was able to make a practice of talking Chinese well. 
tutor 27 Dez 2020
 Great teacher! Really enjoying my weekly lessons with Dan and would highly recommend him to anyone looking to improve their Chinese. Also very helpful his English is so good for times when I don't understand the meaning of a Chinese word. 
tutor 20 Nov 2020
 Enjoyed my first lesson with Dan and looking forward to the next one! 
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Über mich - Englisch

I am a professional Chinese language teacher.My major is history. I can speak very good Mandarin Chinese . I have 4 years experience of teaching Mandarin. I am also interested in teaching foreigners Chinese history and Chinese culture.my skype is dandai086. i like the style of teaching online.

Abschlüsse und Erfahrung

I am a bachelor's degree of history. I have the Teacher's Certificate of High School and the Mandarin Grade Certificate(level A of grade 2). I work as a Chinese language teacher in China now. I love teaching foreigners Chinese.


Before the lesson ,I will send you some material about some topics. If you have some Chinese textbooks and I also have the same books, we can use the textbooks. The Skype is necessary.

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