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Marina Kurkina
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Muttersprache : Russian
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Hallo, mein Name ist Marina Kurkina und ich bin 35 Jahre alt. Meine Muttersprache ist Russian und ich unterrichte German, Italian. Online-Unterricht bei Verbalplanet.com gebe ich seit März 2013. Ich beherrsche die folgenden Sprachen fließend: Russian, English, German, Italian. Ich biete derzeit eine vergünstigte Probestunde für neue Schüler an.

Ausführliches Profil auf Englisch

Über mich

My name is Kurkina Marina and I am originally from Russia (Moscow).

If you are interested in Russian/German/Italian culture and wish to learn/practice/improve your Russian/German/Italian language skills - I am at your service. I will help you to achieve your learning goals quickly and efficiently!

I have a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree in Russian Philology (Russian language) and a Certificate in teaching Russian as a foreign language (Moscow University of Lomonosov) together with more than 10 years' continuous successful teaching experience (including private lessons and employment in linguistic centres).

I have either good teaching experience about the German Language. My level of language proficiency has been confirmed with the Certificate of Goethe-Institute (Milan).

I am also ready to help you with the Italian language. I have been teaching it for some years privately and through the language schools. At 2013-2014 I participated in a 9 month language course of advanced Italian and has got a Certificate. Moreover, at the moment I am living in Italy where I prepare myself for the CILS examinations for this summer.

In order to avoid abstract phrases and descriptions, I would like to represent some facts and details about my qualifications and work experience.

My Professional Skills

- working with groups and individual clients

- working with students of different levels and age

- extensive knowledge of methodology and teaching techniques

- experience in teaching business-courses

- developed own teaching materials and aids

- detailed preparation for courses, learning plans

- preparation for the international examinations

- individualized approach for each student

- creative approach to work

- use English,German and Italian as languages of instruction in teaching Russian language

- use mainly German in teaching German Language and Italian in teaching Italian Language

- active use of various educational internet resources and applications

Abschlüsse und Erfahrung


2001-2006 State Academy of Slavic Culture, Moscow. Field of Study: Philology, Russian Language and Literature.

2007 Russian Language Centre, Moscow State University. Certificate Methods of teaching Russian as a Foreign Language.

2011 Intensive German language course, Deutsche Angestellten Akademie, Germany, Stuttgart

September 2012 – May 2013 Advanced Italian Language Course, Scuola senza frontieri, Corbetta (MI), Italy

Work Experience

From November 2013 I teach privately, develop my own online projects and collaborate with Language Training Center Denis School (Moscow) as online tutor/instructor of Russian for foreigners, German and Italian.

Previous Work Experience

● Teacher of German as a Foreign Language

June 2013 - October 2013 German language instructor , Language School Intensiv, Moscow

November 2012 – June 2013 Studio Linguistico Global, Corbetta (MI)

Febrary 2009 - September 2012 Language Training Center Denis School international, Moscow

● Teacher of Italian as a Foreign Language

June 2013 – October 2013 Italian language teacher, School Intensiv, Moscow

October 2012 – May 2013 Private tuition and online assistance of Italian course,

Language School Intensiv, Moscow

January 2011 – September 2012 Language Training Center Denis School international, Moscow

● Teacher of Russian as a Foreign Language

Educational activities: taught ex-pats, top-managers and other foreign students in Russian as a foreign language. I have worked with people of different ages and nationalities and conducted lessons in a group and individually.

June 2013 - October 2013 Teaching for international companies, Russian language

assistance, organising seminars for the teachers, Moscow

March 2013 - June 2013 Private bussiness-oriented group course, Aeroport Malpensa, Italy

November 2012 – Febrary 2013 Formazione Linguistica Parlamondo S.r.l., Gallarate (VA), Italy

May 2007 – August 2012 Language Training Center Denis School International, Moscow

May 2007 – October 2011 Prolangue Linguistic Center, Moscow

January 2007 – May 2007 Language School Russian Lab, Moscow

September 2006 – January 2007 Limited Liability Company "Real-Hypermarket", Moscow

● Russian Teacher

Taught middle school students aged 9-16 in Russian language and prepared students for external course finals.

November 2005 – May 2006 Private General Education School “Petrovskaya School” and

Educational Center of S.N.Olekhnik


I am pleased to offer you a conversational Russian/German/Italian course.

The main emphasis is going to be on communication, it means that all grammar and vocabulary are based on communicative needs. So, the first step is the question: What do you want to express? and secondly, how you can express this meaning?

The linguistic approach – from the lexical meaning to the grammar form - has been used in teaching and studying foreign languages for a long time. It is very efficient and gives concrete results.

During our sessions I’ll try to follow this methodology, teaching you real, practical speech and developing your communicative competence.

How does it works? From meaning to the grammar. An example:

Classic methodology: “today we analyse a new grammar form: “im Garten” is a form of the Dative case in German which is formed with the preposition IN + article DEM what gives us IM. And now let´s read the phrases with the Dative form and translate them”.

Communicative aproach:“today our topic is The city orientation. if you want to express the meaning of location answering the question WHERE which is assisted with such verbs as TO BE, TO BE LOCATED/SITUATED etc, you need to choose the form which is formed…“

The combination of the communicative method, relevant grammar and vocabulary as well as fascinating exercises, dialogues and games is the secret of success in learning the foreign language!

So, what do I offer concretely:

RUSSIAN → any level, convesational and business course of any type, translations, preparation for the TRKI (TORFL) and TELC exams, all variety of authentic russian coursebooks, manuals and audio CDs of russian publishers, detailed individual learning plans

GERMAN → levels A1-B2+, conversational and general business course, preparation for examinations Goethe Certificate and TELC, studying with the best books of Hueber and Langenscheidt-Klett and online resources, stepped learning plans

ITALIAN → levels A1-B2+, conversational and general business course, translations, preparation for exams CILS and CELI, studying with the universally known coursebooks Progetto Italiano and Espresso, a broad spectrum of online materials and audio, stepped learning plans

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Vor 8+ Tagen.
31 Jul 2015
Von : Olga2015
Sprache : Deutsch 
I really enjoy the lessons with Marina and will continue. I have started from scratch and be sure that I can reach my objectives with the great support from Marina. thanks a lot and c u.
26 Mär 2015
Von : Avishan
Sprache : Deutsch 
Marina is really nice teacher and i really enjoyed lesson with her,,, would like to learn all german lessons with her :)
18 Feb 2015
Von : kafeel22280
Sprache : Deutsch 
Marina was very helpful and very good in teaching and easy to understand.
18 Jan 2015
Von : garelli.francesco
Sprache : Deutsch 
Gr8 lesson! After a boring experience at a language school, I was looking how to learn at a better pace. This lesson was an answer; the right rhythm to keep interest alive and to spend my learning time in the best way. Looking forward for the next)

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