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  Hallo, mein Name ist Fiona Gardiner und ich bin 28 Jahre alt. Meine Muttersprache ist Englisch und ich unterrichte Englisch, Irisch, Spanisch. Online-Unterricht bei Verbalplanet gebe ich seit August 2014. Ich beherrsche die folgenden Sprachen fließend: Englisch, Irisch, Spanisch. Ich biete derzeit eine ermäßigte erste Probestunde mit 50% Rabatt auf meinem normalen Unterrichtspreis für neue Schüler. 
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23 Jul 2020
 Fiona is very knowledgable, patient and punctual--all necessary qualities in a teacher! Our conversations are a mix of Irish and English. I'm surprised when I mispronounce or misuse a word I should know but very happy when I understand or use a phrase successfully. There's really no shortcut to learning Irish (and I've looked) but Fiona is a big help.  
16 Jul 2020
 Fiona assigned a chapter of a book that is the perfect level for me to read. I had a couple of questions about a couple of structures that arose in it and we covered it with examples. One of them I feel good about using. The other...will take more practice. But it was an excellent assignment. 
13 Jul 2020
 Additional material building upon the previous lesson was covered and explained well. Also, an exception to the rules in the material being taught was covered, which helps me in understanding the language better. 
10 Jul 2020
 My question regarding the rules when using numbers with units was answered, explained clearly, and practiced throughout the lesson. The pronunciation of certain letter combinations was also covered and helps me to recognize them and properly pronounce them. 
09 Jul 2020
 Chaint linn faoi a madra, a feirm agus snamh. Ta ar comhra ag eiri nios fearr. 
02 Jul 2020
 I am glad to see how much we cover during a class when I review afterward. Writing in the chat is important but I also try to listen as well as read. Fiona is good about providing both. There were a few new things embedded there that I'll need to study. 
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Über mich - Englisch

I hold a Bachelor of Arts (International) Degree in Spanish and Legal Studies from the National University of Ireland, Galway, as well as a Diploma in Irish Level C1. I completed my Erasmus year in Murcia, and after a year working for an International insurance company in Galway, I returned to Spain again to work as an English Language Assistant in Cádiz. In Cádiz, I taught bilingual subjects including natural and social science, and art to primary school students of all ages. I have a native level of both written and spoken Spanish and Irish. I have a TEFL Ireland qualification and Leaving Cert honours English, Irish and Spanish. During my time in Cádiz, I discovered my passion in life is for teaching and I have returned to Ireland with the intention of pursuing a career in Primary School Teaching at home.

I basically love language and understand what is it like to learn a new language. I use this to create fun English classes for students who wish to learn my native language.

Abschlüsse und Erfahrung

I was teaching English as a Foreign Language privately throughout my year abroad in Murcia and for the duration of my time in Cádiz. I have taught students of various ages and levels of English. I taught many primary school subjects through English while working in Cádiz, Spain. I have experience teaching casual language learners of all ages as well as preparing students for both State and Language exams. I understand that each student has different needs and abilities and have a lot of experience working with children and adults with various social, emotional and behavioural needs, as well as children with learning disabilities within the classroom setting. Please do not hesitate to contact me regarding my experience.


Classes are always through English so that the students will have a better understanding of the language by practising. I encourage students to practice and become more confident in speaking and understanding. I will start by finding out what you plan to achieve from these classes and try to personalize classes to attend to your needs.

I ensure the classes will always be interesting and fun as I believe it is important that you should enjoy learning to speak another language. I try to encourage students to improve all of their language skills - reading, writing, speaking and listening by using a wide range of different activities I teach grammar in an effective (and enjoyable) manner.

Whether you would simply like to practise your spoken English/Irish/Spanish, learn grammar rules, improve understanding, written or spoken skills, are studying for exams or just need to improve for school or work, I will ensure that you achieve your goals and see how enjoyable language learning can be.

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