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 Hallo, mein Name ist Jin Park und ich bin ein erfahrener Koreanisch lehrer, der derzeit in Vereinigte Staaten lebt. Ich unterrichte Koreanisch seit März 2015. Ich biete derzeit eine kostenlose erste Probestunde für neue Schüler. 
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tutor 08 Mai 2021
Risa K
 Thank you for identifying the point to be improved. I'll try to make longer and natural sentences. 
tutor 27 Okt 2020
 Just finished my 11 year old's lesson #10 and 14 year old's lesson #11. Ms. Park has never failed to deliver a fun, interesting, customized lesson for my kids, incorporating lots of useful vocabularies, grammar lessons, conversation practices and games. Even though my kids aren't always good about practicing what they learned between classes, I can see that they are definitely improving and feeling much more confident about Korean. We all feel so lucky to have found Ms. Park and hope to continue her lessons for a long time.  
tutor 01 Sep 2020
 Just completed my daughter's lesson #2 and my son has his lesson #4 coming up later this week. Organized, well-prepared with perfect amount of structure, positive and adaptive to each student's needs and interests, Ms. Park is a really great Korean teacher. Highly recommended.  
tutor 25 Aug 2020
 Fun, engaging lesson for my 11 year old (total beginner). Thank you!  
tutor 12 Aug 2020
 My son loved his first lesson. She was kind, engaging and well organized. Looking forward to future lessons!  
tutor 02 Mai 2020
Cheung Y
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Über mich - Englisch

Hello everyone,

I'm a native Korean teacher excited to announce the launch of affordable group lessons at just $79 per month.

This package includes four group sessions, each lasting one hour.

The classes are scheduled for either Friday or Sunday night, CST.

Upon enrollment through our website, you will receive detailed instructions for the group lessons. Join us on this language-learning journey!

Feel free to reach out to me.

Abschlüsse und Erfahrung

* 2016- Korean group/ private teaching

* 2018- Korean instructor at Hangle Korean school in Dallas

* 2020- Online teacher for individual and group teaching

Emphasizing a dynamic and comprehensive learning experience, my teaching approach revolves around:

Engaging in free-flowing conversations centered on expressions.

Integrating conversation seamlessly with grammar learning.

Incorporating dictation exercises and audio files for an immersive experience.

Tailoring lessons for both short-term and long-term TOPIK I&II preparation.

Exploring the realms of K-pop, K-drama, and Korean culture to enhance language understanding.

Catering to learners across the spectrum, from beginner to advanced levels.

Backed by a doctoral degree and a minor in Pedagogy (Education), I bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to ensure a fruitful and effective learning journey for you.


Before embarking on our lessons, I conduct a Korean level test and survey to tailor the learning experience to your needs. This ensures efficient preparation for your initial lesson, respecting both your time and investment.

Your preferences matter, and I offer various options for your lessons:

Utilize Jin's material with accompanying audio files by Jin Ah 샘.

Opt for a textbook of your choice.

Engage in interactive learning through games and Korean drama exploration, guided by Jin Ah 샘.

Dive into TOPIK (Korean proficiency test) materials, I'm happy to share my resources.

Enjoy free-flowing conversations with a daily conversation option.

For those interested, my textbook with audio files is available for purchase.

Let's embark on this exciting learning journey together! 😊

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