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 Hallo, mein Name ist Yana Brown und ich bin ein erfahrener Russisch lehrer, der derzeit in Ukraine lebt. Ich unterrichte Russisch seit Januar 2016. Ich biete derzeit eine ermäßigte erste Probestunde mit 50% Rabatt auf meinem normalen Unterrichtspreis für neue Schüler. 
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tutor 16 Jan 2023
Patricija R
 I'm really find this helpful. Teachers attitude is positive and very profesional. Structured lesson plan and enjoyable learning process. Thank you! 
tutor 24 Nov 2022
Christian R
 Pleasant and productive session 
tutor 21 Nov 2022
Christian R
 Pleasant and productive session 
tutor 19 Nov 2022
Christian R
 Pleasant and productive session 
tutor 21 Nov 2021
 Pleasant, friendly and knowledgeable. Good lesson structure and feedback. 
tutor 01 Okt 2021
Randall M
 Yana has a well thought out plan for improving my Russian. I am excited for my next lesson. She is professional, organized, engaging and friendly.  
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Über mich - Englisch

Greetings! I'm Yana, a highly skilled language instructor specializing in German, Russian, Ukrainian boasting over 14 years of extensive teaching experience. My expertise extends to students hailing from diverse regions such as the USA, Canada, Great Britain, Italy, Germany, and Australia. In addition to my teaching background, I bring 10 years of valuable experience in the translation field, having contributed to projects for prominent names like Google Adsense, Nokia, and Skype.

As a native Russian speaker, I hold a philological Master's degree in German language and Linguistics, a testament to my deep understanding of both languages. Currently residing in Ukraine, I leverage modern technology to teach Russian, Ukrainian and German to students worldwide through the convenience of Skype, Zoom and other virtual platforms. My commitment is to provide a rich and immersive learning experience for individuals eager to explore the beauty of these languages.



As a native Russian speaker born in East Ukraine, a region where Russian is commonly spoken, I bring an authentic linguistic background to my teaching.

With a wealth of experience in online Russian tutoring dating back to 2007, I have honed my skills in delivering effective and engaging lessons.

Over the course of my teaching career, I've developed specialized programs tailored to different levels and objectives. These programs include Russian for Beginners, Survival Russian for Travelers, Russian for Kids, Russian for Advanced Learners, and a Business Russian Course.

Holding a philological education, I possess in-depth knowledge across various linguistic facets, including phonetics, phonology, lexicon, and more.

My lessons are meticulously planned, well-structured, and conducted with a professional approach, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience.

I offer Russian lessons for students ranging from A1 to C2 levels, catering to beginners through advanced learners.

GERMAN TUTORING (for students from beginner to intermediate levels):

Armed with a Master's degree in German language and translation, I bring a strong academic foundation to my German tutoring.

My research and diploma topic delved into "German dialects in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland," showcasing my expertise in German linguistics.

I have hands-on experience translating scientific German literature, adding a practical dimension to my language instruction.

Note: German classes are offered for students with A1-B1 levels. Ich gebe deutsche Unterrichtsstunden nur für Studenten mit A1-B1 Niveau.




Abschlüsse und Erfahrung


2007-2011: Taras Shevchenko National University. Department of Foreign Languages. Bachelor`s degree. Philology. Translation. Russian, English, German Language and Literature.

2011-2012: Taras Shevchenko National University. Department of Foreign Languages.Master`s degree. Philology. Translation. Russian, German Language and Literature.

2021-2022 - Powercode Academy, Kiev. Natural Language Processing. Applied Linguistic.


2007-till now- private language lessons via Skype

2012-2014 - working as german, english and russian teacher at school

2008-2012 -translation experience - Translation of scientific german literature, projects for Skype, Novell, Google Adsence, Nokia, Samsung (English - Russian, Ukrainian)

2012-till now -National Taras Shevechenko University. Teacher of Russian as Foreign Language.

2020- till now - Full-time translator for austrian company (Vienna)


I believe learning should be fun. I use many different kinds of teaching materials, exercises and technologies. Sometimes I use games and activities to help you learn in ways that don’t feel like studying. You learn faster and retain more when you enjoy your lessons!

My professional focus is on improving communication skills using fast-track and immersion (For rapid language learning progress in the shortest possible time!) techniques. The pace of my training is intensive and dynamic with focus on developing grammar, vocabulary, fluency and how to use the language in authentic situations.


I do a lot of work preparing for every lesson. I write lesson plans to guide each class and keep it focused on your learning goals. I will also teach you ways to integrate Russian, German into your daily life so you learn faster and more effectively.

Also, I have collected a lot of my own material and I can use this material to supplement a lesson or teach it by itself, if needed. I have always looked for new and creative ways to improve lessons and I continue to have the same desire in finding interesting ways of teaching Russian and German.

In general lessons include:

- Reading practice

- Proper grammar - tenses, conjugations, cases, genders

- Accurate pronunciation and accent reduction

- Vocabulary expansion/ conversation practice

- Developing oral speech.

I can change lessons plan depending on students level and purposes.


Mich zeichnet viel Motivation aus, denn Motivation ist der Schlüssel für einen guten Unterricht und das erfolgreiche Lernen. Das Motivieren der Studenten zu bessern Noten ist ein großer bestandteil meiner Lehraufgabe. Das Ziel meiner Nachhilfe ist, dass sich der Student selbst Lehrninhalte beibringen kann und selbstständig Lernen kann.

Meinen Unterricht richte ich ganz nach den Bedürfnissen der Studenten aus. Der Einsatz von bewährten Lehrmitteln, wie Büchern und Arbeitsblättern, sowie die moderne Variante über Internet sind bestandteil meiner Unterrichts. Mein Deutsch Unterrischt ist ganz kommunikativ, kreativ und spielerish.

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