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Hallo, mein Name ist Irene Staffieri und ich bin 36 Jahre alt. Meine Muttersprache ist Italian und ich unterrichte Italian. Online-Unterricht bei Verbalplanet.com gebe ich seit Oktober 2018. Ich beherrsche die folgenden Sprachen fließend: Italian, English, Spanish. Ich biete derzeit eine kostenlose erste Probestunde für neue Schüler an.

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My name is Irene Staffieri and I work as an Italian language teacher. I was born in Sardegna, a wonderful Italian island which I see as the heart of the Mediterranean Sea. From a young age, I was very curious about other languages. I studied English at school and I also had the opportunity to learn Spanish while living in Barcelona. Currently I'm living in Mexico and I have the chance to speak Spanish daily. Recently, I started studying French taking one-on-one classes.

Learning new languages has opened many doors to me both personally and professionally. I have had the chance to meet wonderful people and share my culture. It has also allowed me to develop my creativity and ability to adapt to new situations.

Abschlüsse und Erfahrung

I have two degrees. First, I studied Literature and Philosophy, with a specialization in Performing Arts and Musicology at Università di Bologna. Then, I found a passion for Italian Sign Language and I studied to become a professional interpreter. Upon graduation, I began working as an interpreter as well as an Italian teacher to foreigners living in Italy. I am a member of Aprimondo, a professional organization dedicated to teaching Italian to immigrants.

Currently, I'm teaching Italian in Playa del Carmen and Cozumel, Mexico. I give one-on-one classes and group classes in a local language school and at University of Cozumel.


I plan my lessons based on personal goals, learning styles and areas of need. Normally my teaching is centered on oral communication (speaking and listening). I include reading and writing in order to support the learning.

Based on the student's level, I invite students to express themselves on different topics of personal interests, in order to acquire a vocabulary that will be useful for them. I also reserve some time to work on pronunciation: based on my experience, it really helps students to gain confidence when speaking spontaneously. Each class, I spend a bit of time revisiting previous topics to ensure that the student feels comfortable with the language structures.

I use Italian as much as possible and I offer explanations in English or Spanish when it is necessary.

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01 Apr 2019
Von : camilaherrera
Sprache : Italienisch 
Excelente profesora
30 Mär 2019
Von : camilaherrera
Sprache : Italienisch 
La profesora es excelente. Es . muy clara y paciente
30 Mär 2019
Von : camilaherrera
Sprache : Italienisch 
mUy, muy útil y clara la clase
13 Feb 2019
Von : Ruslan M
Sprache : Italienisch 
Irene cerca e trova (con successo) i miei errori. Li corregge spiegando (con tutta la sua gentilezza) le regole. Io comincio a vedere quali sono i miei punti deboli nella grammatica e cosa devo ripetere od anche studiare di nuovo.

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