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Mitsuki Maeda
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Hallo, mein Name ist Mitsuki Maeda und ich bin 33 Jahre alt. Meine Muttersprache ist Japanese und ich unterrichte Japanese. Online-Unterricht bei Verbalplanet.com gebe ich seit Oktober 2018. Ich beherrsche die folgenden Sprachen fließend: Japanese, English. Ich biete derzeit eine vergünstigte Probestunde für neue Schüler an.

Ausführliches Profil auf Englisch

Über mich

Hello everyone! First of all, I'm very glad that you're interested in Japanese!

I was born in Japan and I am a native Japanese speaker. I was born in Kyushu and lives in the U.S now.

I love learning foreign languages, so I majored in English at my university and took a coursework for teaching Japanese to foreigners as a minor subject. Learning foreign languages means learning other countries. I believe it has a big meaning for all of us.

I used to work at a junior high school in Japan and taught English. Now, I work as an after school teacher. I love to teach children new things and learn together.

I hope to share my cultural, experience, and knowledge with you guys through teaching Japanese!

Abschlüsse und Erfahrung


- Personal tutor for middle school & high school students (4 years)

- English teacher at junior high school in Japan (5 2/1 years)

- Coordinator at a translation company (3 years)


- Teaching certificate( English )

- Child Development Certificate


My goal is making students be independent learners. Once you gain confidence, I'm pretty sure you will be a successful learner.

I use English and Japanese when I teach you writing and reading, but I will encourage you to use Japanese when you focus on speaking and listening.

Using visual ads is sufficient when we learn foreign languages. I will use the materials which are good for you.

If you desire, I will make worksheets as an assignment and provide them to you.

Plan ideas

[For beginners]

If you're a beginner, I will start with teaching Japanese Hiragana and Katakana letters. You'll mater them in 5-7 lessons (depends on how hard you review them at home after each lesson).

Once you master them all, I will introduce some Japanese words and make you practice reading Hiragana and Katakana sentences. Then I will gradually start teaching grammars.

Please feel free to request what you want to learn.

I would make a plan based on your experience and goal.

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24 Jan 2019
Von : ocicats
Sprache : Japanisch 
Very prepared! Always has the lesson planned ahead of time, and is right on schedule. Always have things to work on between sessions, but never too much work. Really enjoy learning with her!
06 Nov 2018
Von : tomdean
Sprache : Japanisch 
Great lesson. Enjoyed it.Learnt a lot.
25 Okt 2018
Von : Rogerrat1982
Sprache : Japanisch 
The lesson was very good!

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