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 Hallo, mein Name ist Chris Bromley und ich bin ein erfahrener Englisch lehrer, der derzeit in Vereinigtes Königreich lebt. Ich unterrichte Englisch seit Dezember 2021. Ich biete derzeit eine ermäßigte erste Probestunde mit 50% Rabatt auf meinem normalen Unterrichtspreis für neue Schüler. 
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tutor 08 Mär 2023
  Thumbs up ! I have been learning English with Chris for some months now and I could improve my English. Chris stragety to teach is great. He is structured, gives corrections and he has a sense of humor. Don t hasitate to connect him ! 
tutor 13 Jan 2023
Jose Ramon d
 Good lesson ... I'm improving my english ... I'm happy ...:-) 
tutor 07 Dez 2022
 Great class. I am able to improve my English skills in each class. Excellent! 
tutor 17 Nov 2022
 We have worked on presentation skills, new vocabulary, and some grammar as well. Amazing class with good content. I recommend Chris to anybody who wants to improve English skills. Well done! 
tutor 09 Nov 2022
Jose Ramon d
 I feel like I'm getting better every day. 
tutor 04 Nov 2022
 Good class. Experienced teacher with well developed resources. I am looking forward to the next class. 
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Über mich - Englisch

Hi, I am Chris from the UK, I live in the countryside in the centre of England in a quiet rural location. My hobbies include gardening, playing the guitar and learning French. Because I am a language learner I appreciate the difficulties of learning a foreign language and you will find my lessons to be relaxed informal and stress free.

I am a very patient person and passionate about the English language. My relaxed lesson style will boost your confidence, make you feel less nervous and enable you to improve your English skills by helping you sound more natural.

Abschlüsse und Erfahrung

I’m a qualified and experienced teacher of English as a foreign language and a native speaker of British English. I have taken more than 5000 lessons online and have many regular students.

I am TEFL qualified and have also taken specialised Cambridge courses which have given me a detailed understanding of marking criteria and enable me to teach IELTS ,FCE and CAE to a high standard.


My lesson style is relaxed and informal, I will help you feel more confident and less nervous when speaking. I allow students to speak as much as possible but I also listen very attentively for grammar and pronunciation errors and will help you to reduce mistakes through clear explanation and example sentences.

I am flexible about the content of the lessons and try to structure them according to YOUR needs. I will initially assess your level, and focus on reducing weaknesses so that you can see a clear improvement in your level and self confidence.

My lessons will help you achieve your goal of being fluent, reaching proficiency level, reducing your accent, sounding more natural and improving your vocabulary through stimulating conversation on a wide range of topics. Exam technique is as important as ability when taking IELTS or Cambridge exams, I can help you raise your score.

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