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Agregado : 02 Jul 2020
Tema : Inglés
Tema : About Yourself
Título: Discussion phrases
Autor : Davinna Artibey
These sentence starters for discussions help develop speaking fluency. Many are formal and are thus used more often in academic, business and political settings.
Recurso público
Agregado : 21 Jun 2020
Tema : Hebreo
Tema : Alphabet and Numbers
Título: Introduction to hebrew through the bible
Autor : Michal Salman
This document may help you learn a few letters and signs that appear in the first sentence of the old testament in hebrew/ good luck!
Recurso público
Agregado : 15 Jun 2020
Tema : Español
Tema : Alphabet and Numbers
Título: The Spanish R
Autor : Katherine Farïñas
Learn how to use the Spanish R, and practice its pronunciation with an amazing activity.
Recurso público
Agregado : 05 Jun 2020
Tema : Italiano
Tema : About Yourself
Título: how to introduce yourself in Italian
Autor : Daria De Scisciolo
All the vocabulary you might need to introduce yourself in Italian: greetings, names, jobs, nationalities through exercises
Recurso público
Agregado : 01 Jun 2020
Tema : Italiano
Tema : Food and Drink
Título: Al Ristorante
Autor : Andrea Padovani
Al ristorante, attività di ascolto.
Recurso público
Agregado : 30 May 2020
Tema : Bengalí
Tema : Alphabet and Numbers
Título: Basic Bengali Lesson for Beginners
Autor : Souvik Ghosh
The file contains the Bengali alphabet, numerals, a few frequently used Bengali words, Parts of Speech in brief, singular, and plural terms of a few words. This document is ideal for a beginner to have an initial concept of the language.
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