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 Hola, mi nombre es Beata Cyran y soy un tutor de Polaco con experiencia que actualmente vive en Polonia. He estado enseñando Polaco en línea desde junio 2008. Actualmente estoy ofreciendo una lección de prueba con un 50% de descuento en el precio de mi lección normal para los nuevos estudiantes. 
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tutor 21 jun 2022
 I always enjoy my lessons with Beata, and she is always so helpful with correcting my grammar and giving me pointers. Looking forward to our next lesson. Thanks, Beata! 
tutor 01 jun 2022
 I contacted Beata in order to practice speaking in Polish, as a supplement to formal grammar lessons I am receiving through a different venue. I was very pleased with our initial session, as she kept me talking for the entire session about a variety of topics. She will also correct your grammar and pronunciation during the course of your session. I was actually amazed at how well I was able to respond to the topics being discussed. At the conclusion, Beata sent me a lesson plan to review before our next session, after pinpointing certain problem areas during our conversation which she suggested that I work on in the interim. I would highly recommend Beata, as she is super nice and attentive to your requests. 
tutor 27 may 2022
Sharon W
 Beata is always patient and helpful! 
tutor 04 may 2022
 Another great class with Beata! My daughter Maria really becomes much confident Polish speaker, much more aware of her mistakes, which is impressive as she has never taken Polish lessons before, thank you Beata! 
tutor 09 mar 2022
 Beata is a great teacher. She agreed to teach my 11y old who speaks some Polish but with mistakes. Beata made the class very entertaining so my daughter felt confrontable and immediately started to speak about herself, listen attentively and understand more. As a foreign language teacher myself, I know how difficult it is to adapt the teaching style to someone who is not a complete beginner, neither advanced, so I'm really pleased Beata agreed to teach my daughter and adapted her style to my daughter's needs.  
tutor 15 sep 2019
Nadia K
 I had Beata a while ago and unfortunately couldn't continue due to my own hectic schedule, but she was a great teacher, very patient with my grammar. I'd highly recommend her to others who want to learn and polish up on their own Polish skills.  
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Acerca de mí - Inglés

I'm from Poland, and I`m a teacher here. I used to work in America, UK, Irland. My hobbies are: studying languages, cooking, and outdoors activities such as playing tennis, running and gardening.

Certificaciones y experiencia

I studied Law and Administration at the University of Lublin and at Teachers Language College in Sanok..

I have been using the online methodology to teach languages since 2009.

Método de enseñanza

I have been teaching languages since 2006. Ccurrently I teach in a Primary School in Poland.

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Acerca de mí - Polaco

Mam na imie Beata, jestem z Polski. Moją największą pasją jest uczenie języków. Z przyjemnością uczę na każdym poziomie znajomości języka. Każda lekcja przygotowywana jest pod kątem indywidualnego studenta, biorąc pod uwagę jego/jej poziom i potrzeby. Po każdej lekcji tworze online flashcards, które wysyłam do studentów. Moje zainteresowania to języki obce, podróże, kultura innych krajów, sport.

Certificaciones y experiencia

Jestem nauczycielką z 5-letnim doświadczeniem. Pracuję w szkole podstawowej, prywatnej szkole językowej oraz dodatkowo uczę online. Ukończyłam Nauczycielskie Kolegium Języków Obcych, studia magisterskie na wydziale prawa i administracji w Lublinie oraz studia podyplomowe języka polskiego dla cudzoziemców. Przygotowuje własne materiały do nauki z różnorodnymi ćwiczeniami.

Método de enseñanza

Posiadam własne materiały zawierające różnorodne ćwiczenia. Moim studentom oferuję mnóstwo konwersacji, słownictwa oraz ćwiczeń z zakresu gramatyki, słuchania i pisania. Oferuję darmową konsultacje.

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