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Hola. Mi nombre es Brett Fitzpatrick, tengo 49 años y actualmente vivo en Italy. Soy hablante nativo de English y enseño English. Enseño idiomas en línea con Verbalplanet.com desde febrero 2013. Puedo hablar estos idiomas de manera fluida: English, German.

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Acerca de mí

I am a CELTA and Berlitz certified English teacher from the UK with 10 years experience. I teach English for exams, conversation and business.

I started teaching English in Vienna in 2003, where I received Berlitz training. I then gained experience at language schools across Vienna, and went on to complete a CELTA.

I have helped hundreds of students to speak English better, get good exam grades, and refresh their English before a holiday or business trip.

I speak very good German, I'm learning Italian at the moment and I'm interested in other languages.

Certificaciones y experiencia

CELTA (grade B)

Berlitz training

09/2011 - present Oxford English School

A leading Italian language school. Class sizes ranging from 1 to 20. Responsibilities and achievements include:

Teaching toward FCE and BEC examinations.

English for young learners.

Conversation classes.

05/2003 - 09/2011 Berlitz

Teaching at a busy metropolitan language centre. Class sizes ranging from 1 to 12. Responsibilities and achievements include:

Teaching toward BEC examinations.

Conversation classes.

Business English.

Método de enseñanza

I use the direct method in teaching. This method of teaching is often used in teaching foreign languages. The method refrains from using the learners' native language and uses only the target language.


Classroom instructions are conducted exclusively in the target language. Only everyday vocabulary and sentences are taught during the initial phase.

Grammar, reading and writing are introduced in later phases. Oral communication skills are built up in a carefully graded progression. Grammar is taught inductively. New teaching points are introduced orally. Concrete vocabulary is taught through demonstration, objects, and pictures. Abstract vocabulary is taught by association of ideas.

Both speech and listening comprehensions are taught. Correct pronunciation and grammar are emphasized. Student should be speaking approximately 80% of the time during the lesson.

Students ask questions as well as answer them.

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08 dic 2016
Por : arthursonzogni
Tema : Inglés 
I took 10 courses with Brett. He is really interesting. We had great discussions. My English level has improved a lot thanks to him.
14 jul 2014
Por : penaro
Tema : Inglés 
Brett is an oustanding tutor
24 sep 2013
Por : Lyra
Tema : Inglés 
Excellent first lesson! Brett is a very friendly and patient teacher and I can highly recommend him to anyone who wants to study English!

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