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Hola. Mi nombre es Leslie Van Ael, tengo 38 años y actualmente vivo en United States. Soy hablante nativo de Dutch y enseño Dutch, Flemish. Enseño idiomas en línea con Verbalplanet.com desde julio 2013. Puedo hablar estos idiomas de manera fluida: Dutch, English, Flemish, French, German, Russian. Actualmente ofrezco una clase de prueba con un descuento del 90% de mi tarifa normal para alumnos nuevos.

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Acerca de mí

My name is Leslie, and i have a passion for Dutch! ツ

I have been professionally teaching Dutch as a Foreign Language since 2006, first as an in-company Language instructor, and later with EF (Education First) Belgium.

I now live in California, where i have been teaching individuals (live and online) as well as 3 active Dutch study groups for the past 3 years. I have also launched my own Get in Dutch online video course. Just to show you: I love teaching Dutch!

Whether you are interested in learning (Netherlands) Dutch or (Belgian Flemish) Dutch: I have a correct standard pronunciation (right in between NL and BE Dutch) and will always be able to fill you in on nuances between the two variations. My students in the past have ranged from both varieties and have sometimes not even noticed which was my origin...

I love training, i love the contact with students and helping them reach their goals. I hope I can help you out too!

Certificaciones y experiencia

• Master's Degree Linguistics & Translation Dutch / English / Russian

• Teaching Certification

I have more than 8 years of formal experience as an Instructor of Dutch as a Foreign Language, having been employed by Language Training agencies and Language schools. I have been (private/group/online) tutoring for the past 3 yrs.

My students in the past have ranged from in-company employees climbing the career ladder, to party-happy 18 year old students and even 4 yr olds, so yes, i can honestly say I can easily adapt to different types of students.

Método de enseñanza

I don't teach, but I train my students in becoming proficient in Dutch as a foreign language.

And I make it fun, because emotion has you learning and remembering.

During a typical lesson, I let you view animated slides for you to really see the VOCABULARY while I explain something, and i show you the GRAMMAR side of things by means of a tablet that i write on in real time linked to my laptop. All of this, you are able to see in real-time through screen sharing.

My way of training is all about incorporating useful grammar and vocabulary through practical topics. I subtly have you picking up new things and revising, making the content truly stick. Students have told me they were enjoying the lesson too much for it to feel like learning.

I also happily supply you with extra materials, (online) exercises, links, … having you develop yourself even further on your own.

... now, let's quickly get you all fluent in Dutch! ツ

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03 ene 2014
Por : Theironpixel
Tema : Holandés 
What immediately comes to mind when I recall my lesson with Leslie is her excitement for teaching and her extremely helpful and insightful guidance. Within 10 minutes of my first lesson, I knew that I'd made a great choice with her! Excellent teacher
22 oct 2013
Por : Paul-W
Tema : Holandés 
As before,excellent.
15 oct 2013
Por : Paul-W
Tema : Holandés 
Another productive lesson,thanks. The follow-up 'homework' with Quizlet exercises are a great help, too.
15 oct 2013
Por : Paul-W
Tema : Holandés 
Definite progress! Thanks.

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