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  Hola. Mi nombre es TARIK YILMAZ, tengo 39 años. Soy hablante nativo de Turco y enseño Turco. Enseño idiomas en línea con Verbalplanet desde noviembre 2013. Puedo hablar estos idiomas de manera fluida: Turco, Inglés. Actualmente estoy ofreciendo una lección de prueba de prueba gratis para los nuevos estudiantes. 
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13 jul 2020
 Very happy with the teaching style and techniques used.  
06 jul 2020
 Another good lesson.  
29 jun 2020
 Really enjoyed the first lesson!  
22 abr 2020
 Great lesson! Really enjoy to learn my first words in Turkish. Tarik is a great teacher and focus on parts which are important for you. For instance: the right pronunciation of a word. I can definitely recommend him as a teacher.  
21 nov 2019
 My first lesson with Tarιk was excellent - it was well planned, and was pitched at the right level for me as a new learner. I liked being able to learn some conversational phrases at the start before learning more technical topics like grammar, so that I could feel like I am speaking Turkish straight away. 
21 sep 2019
Ioannis I
 He is simply the best! Wow! Engaging, well prepared, insightful explaining of grammar as well as broader use of language! 
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Acerca de mí - Inglés

Merhaba! All Turkish Learners From All Over the World! :)

I am a native Turkish speaker and also a certificated English Teacher. I have worked as an English teacher for various language teaching organizations and I have been teaching Turkish and English online and face to face for all levels, more than five years.

I have always been fond of interacting with different people and discovering all the cultures in the world. Therefore my decision to continue my journey as a lifelong "LEARNER" caused me to become the "EDUCATOR" that I used to dream about.

I have a lot of experience teaching Turkish online. Having taught more than 700 hours of online Turkish lessons, I have perfected my teaching method of recreating the intimacy and efficacy of personal tutoring online. A teacher who is equipped with IELTS and TESOL certifications, brings you over five years experience teaching both Turkish and English.

Certificaciones y experiencia

Certificates :

IELTS (International English Language Testing System)British Council 2011

IELTS is the world’s proven English test. More people go more places with IELTS. Over 1.7 million tests were taken last year enabling candidates to start their journeys into international education and employment. IELTS is recognised by more than 7,000 institutions in over 135 countries.

TESOL Canadian Global TESOL Training Institute 2011

Global TESOL College is a North American-based educational institution with headquarters in Edmonton, Canada. They have several branch offices and training centers located in Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa, Winnipeg, and Saskatoon, Canada; Salt Lake City and Portland, USA; as well as Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, South Korea, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Mexico, and Greece. They have affiliate school representatives, recruiters and TESOL advisor's worldwide.

Método de enseñanza

1-) What I really care about the lessons is the FLEXIBILITY in the teaching plan and the level of INTERACTION during the lessons, which must be never boring. I immediately adapt to students' level in the first lessons and consistently analyze achievements throughout the whole lessons.

2-) I always aim to create a COMFORTABLE atmosphere where the students are encouraged to use daily, survival language phrases. Students acquire the critical vocabulary and grammar usage rules through the communicative and dynamic question/answer approach.

3-)LISTENING and SPEAKING are the most important skills throughout the lessons and therefore I always try to make the students speak in Turkish asking little, easy and encouraging questions that lead them to speak intuitively.

4-)I provide all the materials including digital language books in pdf format and audio materials in mp3 format before the lessons. I always plan homework activities in order to keep students' Turkish alive.

If you have any further questions please just let me know.

Teaching Turkish is truly my passion and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

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