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  Hola. Mi nombre es Richa Nayyar, tengo 62 años. Soy hablante nativo de Hindi y enseño Hindi, Punjabi. Enseño idiomas en línea con Verbalplanet desde abril 2014. Puedo hablar estos idiomas de manera fluida: Hindi, Inglés, Punjabi. Actualmente estoy ofreciendo una lección de prueba con un 50% de descuento en el precio de mi lección normal para los nuevos estudiantes. 
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29 jun 2021
Diana Lorena M
 Looking forward for more lessons. 
12 feb 2021
Sarah M
 I always have great informative lessons with Richa! I feel like I am communicating much better. 
30 nov 2020
Sarah M
 Great lesson as always! Richa is very encouraging and patient. 
26 oct 2020
Sarah M
 Always a great lesson and I feel like I am making progress. 
21 sep 2020
Sarah M
 Great lesson today, I learnt a lot and thank you Richa for going over time because of the technical issue! 
07 sep 2020
Sarah M
 Richa is very patient and asks me to construct sentences which I find the most useful. It forces you to speak which overcomes the main hurdle for me! I look forward to the class. 
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Acerca de mí - Inglés

I am a native of India from the state of Punjab who has been living in U.K for nearly 40 years. I have a full command in three languages i.e English, Hindi and Punjabi. I specialize in teaching conversational Hindi and Punjabi.Since I teach the conversational part of the language it includes listening, understanding, conversing,group discussions,vocabulary building,grammar, pronunciation, sentence structure and various other aspects of effective communication. I have a very relaxed and uncomplicated style of teaching. Since I teach the conversational part of the language I teach through talking and it is an interesting way of learning and teaching. I offer support 24/7 through e-mail. If something is not clear students don't need to wait til next session. They can drop me a mail and I'll be more than happy to help them. For me teaching is an ongoing journey. Though my lessons are structured but they are very interesting. I am very reliable and take lot of pride in my work. Patience is my biggest virtue and I can teach the same thing in lots of different ways. I enhance the strengths of my students and work on their weaknesses. I have a love for languages and it shows in my work. Even if you need few hours of coaching to brush up existing skills or if you are going on holiday to India or if you have a work assignment in India I can help you with that so that you can communicate with the natives effectively.

Certificaciones y experiencia

My experience in teaching ranges for all age groups from high school students to adults. I am comfortable in teaching to a group of people. I have over 2000 hours of teaching experience.My experience ranges from adolescents, professionals(actors, dentists, doctors, retired and semi retired people and lots more) to people who are 60+.

I have been tutoring conversational Hindi and Punjabi since 2007.

I held workshops in Primary schools about India, Indian languages, Indian culture, food and lots more.

I have worked as an assessor for the people who are training to become interpreters in Hindi or Punjabi languages.

Método de enseñanza

I have been told by many students that I make learning enjoyable for them as I tailor my lessons to each student's needs. I am comfortable in teaching face to face or online. I hand prepare all my notes and do not just give computer print outs. I get my information from all reliable sources and then carefully plan my each lesson. I have very uncomplicated style of teaching. I make my lessons interesting and touch various fields in one lesson so that the lesson is interesting. I am very receptive of my students and always ask for their feedback. I enhance their strengths and work towards their weaknesses.

I offer free consultation to my new potential students so that we get to know each other better and I can prepare lessons according to their needs. You can book a free session with me through First Tutor and see for yourself how language learning can be a productive and rewarding activity.

Schedule a free personalized one to one session with me where we can make a step by step plan to improve your conversational skills.

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