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Hola. Mi nombre es John A, tengo 49 años y actualmente vivo en Greece. Soy hablante nativo de English y enseño English. Enseño idiomas en línea con Verbalplanet.com desde mayo 2014. Puedo hablar estos idiomas de manera fluida: English, Greek, Italian. Actualmente ofrezco una clase de prueba con un descuento del 90% de mi tarifa normal para alumnos nuevos.

Perfil detallado en Inglés

Acerca de mí

I am 46 years old and have been teaching English for over 20 years.

I am a native speaker of English from Canada and I teach all levels of English. Conversational English, Business English, Exam levels such as FCE, CPE, IELTS. I have also worked with students who wish to do post-graduate studies in other countries. TOEFL and GMAT(verbal only). I have also worked as an Oral examiner for Cambridge and Michigan exams which has helped me adjust my teaching style in order to deal with exam challenges.

Certificaciones y experiencia

My Qualifications are:

- Degree in Marketing from York University, Toronto Canada

- Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language TEFL

- Professional licensed teacher for over 15 years

- ELT Consultant to Pearson Education " Longman" (International Publisher)

- I have worked with all levels of English but specialise in Exams levels and English fluency.

- I also teach Gmat Verbal for students wishing to do a Masters in Business Administration

- I have worked as an Oral Examiner for some of the major exam bodies. (Michigan, Cambridge)

Método de enseñanza

My approach to teaching is focused on the individual needs of the student. I look at your strengths and focus on the areas which need improving.

I try to make the lessons interesting and use a variety of methods, books and visual media from films, TV shows, documentaries as well as YouTube clips.

Before lessons begin I usually speak with my students to understand the level of English they are at and focus on their goals.

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26 nov 2014
Por : GeorgieM
Tema : Inglés 
It is hard work but I can feel improvement.
05 nov 2014
Por : GeorgieM
Tema : Inglés 
Quite difficult to use higher level vocabulary but I keep working at it and the materials help a lot.
21 oct 2014
Por : GeorgieM
Tema : Inglés 
Very complex material, I have to work hard. Good value.
06 oct 2014
Por : GeorgieM
Tema : Inglés 
Learned useful phrases today. Very valuable instruction.

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