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Hola. Mi nombre es Franziska Hüther, tengo 30 años y actualmente vivo en Germany. Soy hablante nativo de German y enseño Danish, German, Icelandic. Enseño idiomas en línea con Verbalplanet.com desde junio 2014. Puedo hablar estos idiomas de manera fluida: German, Danish, English, Icelandic, Spanish, Swedish.

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Sæl og velkomin - Hej og velkommen - Hallo und willkommen - Hej och välkommen! - ¡Hola y bienvenidos! - Hello and welcome!

My name is Franzi, I'm a professional language teacher and translator from Germany with many years of experience in teaching. I hold a Masters degree in Scandinavian studies and German from Frankfurt University, where I specialized in translation, language education and Children's & Young Adult literature.

For more than five years now I've been teaching students from all over the world, from Australia and Asia over the Middle East and Europe to the US and South America, both online and in classrooms.

My big advantage in regard to teaching Icelandic and Danish is the fact that I have actively studied them as second languages. In contrast to a native speaker that has learned the language unconsciously I know the rules and can explain why things are as they are. I can relate to my student's perspective and know the difficulties and peculiarities of each language. Many of my students have told me that this way they understood a lot of things that before they didn't when being taught by a native speaker.

Certificaciones y experiencia

During my studies I learned Swedish, Danish, Icelandic and Dutch and worked a a tutor for Old Norse and Modern Scandinavian Literature at my department. I had numerous stays in the north, mostly in Danmark, Sweden and Iceland. In Iceland I worked as an aupair, later I studied "Icelandic as a second language" at the university in Reykavík thanks to a scholarship granted by the Icelandic government. In 2015 I went to Denmark, where I worked as Danish teacher for immigrants and refugees at a language school for one and a half years, until I recently moved back to Germany to get some sun :)

I've worked with both kids and adults from many different cultural backgrounds, with different education and different experience in language learning and I've always received great feedback.

Método de enseñanza

I think the most important thing is to get used to the new language from the beginning and hear and talk it as much as possible. I try to use English only if really necessary and do all the rest in the language to be learned. With absolute beginners I speak English at first, but will give instructions like "Please open your book on page X", "For homework please do..." first in the new language before translating them.

I will also try to let you get the meaning of words using language relations - even if they are quite different, English and the Scandinavian languages as well as German have a common background that can help you understand things.

In the beginning we are going to read easy dialogues and short texts to learn the basic structures like talking about yourself and others, telling about the time, days of the week, everyday life and so on. We will learn new vocabulary and grammar as well as work with pronounciation and listening comprehension. We will also deal with cultural elements like music, food and traditions.

On a more advanced level we are going to read newspaper articles and short stories, discuss political and cultural topics and continue to work on grammar, writing, pronounciation and listening skills.

In general the teaching depends a lot on the individual student since naturally I adjust the classes to his or her needs, special interests and time.

I can understand that the price for a lesson may seem high, but please consider that each lesson requires thorough preparation and reworking which may very well take the same amount as the lesson itself or more. Also I need to pay the paypal fees and taxes in Germany. So I hope you understand, that I can't go down with the price.

For any more questions, please contact me and I´ll be happy to answer!

Mange hilsner / kær kveðja / Viele Grüße / Många hälsningar / Muchos saludos / best regards,


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20 oct 2018
Por : fmervick
Tema : Danés 
Franzi is an excellent tutor and explains things really well.
06 oct 2018
Por : fmervick
Tema : Danés 
Another great lesson with Franzi, feel like I’m making real progress.
04 oct 2018
Por : Naomi B
Tema : Danés 
Another excellent lesson with Franziska :)
23 sep 2018
Por : fmervick
Tema : Danés 
Another great lesson!

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