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Thanasis Mandrapilias
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  Hola. Mi nombre es Thanasis Mandrapilias, tengo 36 años. Soy hablante nativo de Griego y enseño Griego. Enseño idiomas en línea con Verbalplanet desde agosto 2014. Puedo hablar estos idiomas de manera fluida: Griego, Inglés. Actualmente estoy ofreciendo una lección de prueba de prueba gratis para los nuevos estudiantes. 
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07 dic 2020
 We continue making steady progress. I still have a more difficult time with the oral part of the language than I do with the written. And, I need to review material from recent lessons several times in order to get it to stick. 
14 sep 2020
 We covered a lot of territory today as part of my review of the first levels of B1 intermediate. Some things became clearer to me this time around both grammatically and in terms of content.  
31 ago 2020
 Each class is challenging in good ways. I'm still uncertain about the use of verbs following verbs of fear or concern, but I think that will come. Thanasis has also been patient with my errors in writing, some of which reflect a bit of carelessness on my part and some of which reflect modes of expression we haven't encountered yet. I do feel that I am moving to a deeper level of knowledge about the language, as it should be. 
20 jul 2020
 My lesson today was more productive than last week, largely because I was better prepared. I am finding that it helps to review the material the day of the class and to look up any new words beforehand. WebEx changed their software and I was unable to load it before class but Thanasis worked around it easily.  
18 may 2020
 Our steady progress continues. I am enjoying writing assignments in particular, although I appreciate the value of the grammar drills. I have found it also helps to go back and listen to previous dialogs in order to continue improving my oral comprehension. 
06 abr 2020
Ross N
 Today was my third class and I'm very happy with the methodology Thanks uses. We covered a number of points I'd seen with my usual classroom teacher, but having Thanasis work one-to-one with me really helps. The materials are good and he doesn't overload the classes by trying to do too much in one go, which boosts my memory. 
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Acerca de mí - Inglés

Do you find Greek challenging?

Do you feel discouraged trying to talk to native speakers?

If you are ready to take the next step, book a class now and improve your speaking confidence in Greek!

If you are a beginner or want to improve and speak better Greek with confidence, that’s my specialty!

I am Thanasis and I live in Athens, Greece.

I am a trained and certified native Greek teacher and I have been teaching Greek Online since 2012.

This is my full-time job and I make sure that my students improve and get results in a friendly and relaxed learning atmosphere!

Certificaciones y experiencia

- Certificate of Teaching Greek as a Second / Foreign Language, Hellenic Centre of the Greek language, University of Thessaloniki, Greece (2016-present)

- The Online Teacher, Έτσι Μαθαίνω (2015)

- Teaching Reading Comprehension for all levels of Greek as a foreign language, Hellenic Culture Center (2015)

- Certificate of Teaching Greek as a Second / Foreign Language, Hellenic Centre of the Greek language, University of Thessaloniki, Greece (2013)

- “The design of a lesson and a course based on the needs and the characteristics of the students of Modern Greek", Hellenic Culture Center, Athens, Greece (2012)

- Certificate of Proficiency in English, University of Michigan (2004)

Work experience

Professional Online Greek Teacher - Full Time

2009 - present

Método de enseñanza

The most effective method to become fluent in Greek!

o see updated and colorful learning materials – the materials are structured in accordance with the Common European Framework for Languages (CEFR)

o see my notes

o write on the whiteboard – using the keyboard or a digital pen and the classroom’s markup tools, in this way you take an active part by writing, highlighting or underlining

o watch videos – we will watch interactive videos including different types of questions

o listen to songs – we will listen to the best Greek songs including different types of questions and tasks

o do quizzes

o record your voice – very useful for your reading and speaking skills

o play educational games – yes, it’s fun and exciting! All games are structured on students’ vocabulary

o upload your files

o watch the lesson using video recording

o have the material used during the lesson shared to you

o Master vocabulary! – My students have access to flashcard games that use brain science to support them learn the vocabulary in the most fun and effective way. They can also listen to each word’s audio and practice their pronunciation

o Have Homework Assignments – my students are engaged both in and out of class. You could take a picture of the homework and send it to me and I will check the mistakes and weaknesses

o Review

We will work on

o Speaking Practice on a wide range of topics and real-life situations

o Vocabulary and Grammar Development

o Listening and Reading Comprehension

o Phonetics and Accent Reduction

o Writing Correction and Test preparation

Regular weekly schedule

Students follow a regular weekly schedule which can be 1-5 lessons per week. Normally I suggest 2 lessons per week

Book a Lesson now!

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