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Hola. Mi nombre es Oxana Ermolaeva, tengo 37 años y actualmente vivo en Russia. Soy hablante nativo de Russian y enseño English, Russian. Enseño idiomas en línea con Verbalplanet.com desde enero 2016. Puedo hablar estos idiomas de manera fluida: Russian, Chinese Mandarin, English. Actualmente ofrezco una clase de prueba con un descuento del 50% de mi tarifa normal para alumnos nuevos.

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Acerca de mí

Hello! My name is Oxana. I am a 34-year-old native Russian speaker currently living in Moscow. I can speak English fluently. My recent IELTS band score is 7.5 (C1 level).

I love both teaching and learning languages online. I've been studying Mandarin Chinese for 6 years. My current level is HSK4 / HSK5. I take Mandarin Chinese lessons via Skype. Being an enthusiastic online language learner helps me enrich my teaching experience and develop new methods and approaches. Being a mother of two kids (a 10-year-old daughter and 5-year old son) helps me have a better understanding, sense of humor and patience :)

I can give lessons of Russian to students of all levels. Adults as well as younger learners are welcome! Whether you want to learn basic everyday words and phrases, or achieve good writing skills, or read Leo Tolstoy's "War & Peace" in original - I will be very glad to help you. Check my qualifications & experience in the section below and be assured that I know grammar, pronunciation and other aspects of Russian language very well.

Certificaciones y experiencia

Native Russian Speaker & Certified Language Teacher with plenty of experience under my belt. It includes both online and one-on-one lessons (I have taught at university and online schools).

In 2003 I graduated Russian State University For Humanities. I majored in Russian History & Philology. In 2004-2005 during my PhD study I taught university students.

Since then, my career has included multiple roles and incredible experiences. In 2006 I became a freelance writer, translator and editor. I worked for big international websites and Russian publishing houses. I am an author of several non-fictional books and hundreds of articles. However, I never stopped giving one-on-one lessons of Russian and English to people of various ages and backgrounds. Between 2011 and 2013 I lived in China for short periods of time. The experience of teaching Russian to Chinese-speakers was very interesting and unique, since Russian and Mandarin languages have so many differences.

In 2015 I was awarded a Certificate of Teaching Russian as a Foreign Language (Moscow State University) that gave me exposure to advanced methods of teaching Russian to non-native speakers.

Método de enseñanza

My main goal is to help you begin talking and communicating. I am proud when my students make progress.The best reward for me as a teacher is when my students overcome their “no mistakes” mindset or shyness, and begin interacting in Russian.

Individual approach - My lessons are student-centered. I am flexible about lesson content. I create a personalized learning plan for each student.

Learning Materials - I have a great collection of textbooks that I can share with my students. I am keen on modern technologies. I believe online tools are very helpful for learning languages. So, I create interactive flashcards and quizzes, make movie and cartoon transcripts to share with my students. I also post learning materials in social media.

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我叫Oxana, 我的中文名字是桑娜!我是一位俄语老师。




Certificaciones y experiencia

2003 - 国立俄罗斯人文大学 - Russian State University for the Humanities(俄罗斯的历史)

2015 - 莫斯科国立大学 - Moscow State University(俄语的教师)

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