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Hola. Mi nombre es Al Tam, tengo 50 años y actualmente vivo en Canada. Soy hablante nativo de English y enseño English. Enseño idiomas en línea con Verbalplanet.com desde enero 2017. Actualmente ofrezco una clase de prueba con un descuento del 50% de mi tarifa normal para alumnos nuevos.

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Acerca de mí


My name is Al. I am an English tutor with more than 10 years of experience. I am a creative writer and love to write on social matters. I write inspirational articles, and have a great interest in psychology. Having said that I am an English teacher. I teach online, and have many students from all parts of the world. I love my job and helping my students to improve their English.

Also please be kind enough to read the review of some of my students from different countries:

• Veronica

English for children Intensive English

Al is a good tutor. After taking an evaluation test, he appraised the ability of my son, availed the all needed books (sent all links) and launched into a study. Al always keeps in touch me about intermediary success after lessons. We will continue our lessons with Al Tam, to make son's English perfect!

• Anna

Conversational English Business English for Professionals

Al helped me a lot to prepare for the interview, he provided me sample answers, helped me to prepare my own answers for the interview questions`! He even found a list of sample questions for my field!!! He has strong communication skills, really good accent. The lessons were very productive. I highly recommend him for everyone who goes throw interview process!

• Alejandra

English for beginners

He is very professional and his method is very good, he prepares the classes very well and in one hour I felt that I learned much more than in all the months that I have been receiving English classes. I highly recommend it to everyone who wants to make a quick advance in the language.

• Alejandra

English for beginners

He is very professional and his method is very good, he prepares the classes very well and in one hour I felt that I learned much more than in all the months that I have been receiving English classes. I highly recommend it to everyone who wants to make a quick advance in the language.

• Minhyeong

Intensive English

One point that made me surprise and feel fascinating to the class of Al is that he has a very standardized curriculum for almost every specific areas. In my case, since I am going to study abroad, he conducts lesson on three subjects: Practical use of phrasal verbs and idiomatic expressions, Logical discussion on controversial topics, Advanced Vocabularies. Also Al always try to check if he conducts his lesson suitably. He is the best English tutor that I've ever met.

• Arwa

English for children IELTS English for beginners Intensive English

We were very lucky to have Al as a tutor. My sisters got a chance to practice English and learn for him. Even though they still need more sessions, they learned to be much more confident in their abilities. I highly recommend him.

• Sayedul


Al is a very good tutor. He is giving me very useful suggestions for my upcoming IELTS test which, I hope, will help me in taking the test.

• Konstantin


I recommend Al as an IELTS tutor. He knows the structure of the exam very well and gives advises and tips. Besides of IELTS we have speaking practice, which is very important for English learners. Al also gives very helpful general information (phrasal verbs, idioms, grammar, and vocabulary). Al is an attentive and supportive tutor.

Here are the lessons that I will be teaching you if you choose me as your tutor:

1/ Everyday conversation - Course Book: Dynamic English

2/Comprehension and Grammar - Course Book: New Headway

3/Learning by listening - Audio with Transcript

4/Structured Discussions - Planned discussions on various topics

5/Vocabulary Building - Course Book: Test your vocabulary

Course Levels:

The courses which I teach are from elementary up to advanced. Level.

Special Courses:

- Exam preparation: Special course for IELTS and TOFEL

- Business English courses

- Job interview preparation

- Conversational skills

Teaching Method:

- In the first lesson an evaluation test is taken from students to assess their level of English.

- On the basis of the test and desire of the student the best course is decided on.

- All the courses are intensive, interactive and audio visual.

- Home work will be given to students at the end of each class.

Looking forward to hearing from you

With Best Regards – Al

Certificaciones y experiencia

My qualifications:

Bachelor's Degree in Engineering and CAE certificate in English from United Kingdom.

My work experience:

I have been teaching English for more than 10 years. I teach small group or one to one classes on line. Presently I have students from all parts of the world.

Método de enseñanza

My Methodology in teaching English:

All my classes are based on 3 principals, they are all:

o Intensive

o Dynamic

o And inclusive

- But what all these words mean?

o Intensive means that in every 60 min class we will cover several topics.

o Dynamic means that all my classes are audio visual and tailor made to your specific requirements.

o Inclusive means that classes will cover all 4 aspects of learning English: listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Now let’s see how these classes are conducted:

- First I would take an evaluation test from you. This test will take about 30 minutes.

- I will tell you the result of the test immediately. On the basis of this test I will choose the best course level for you.

- Each of my classes are divided in to 4 sections:

o In the first section I will teach you one of the New Headway comprehensive text books obviously according to your level.

o In the second section I will focus on your conversational skills. This is done by listening to different audios followed by a discussion about them. Also every week we will have a structural discussion where we discuss in-depth issues such as education, Social media, advertising, entertainment and many more. Here you have the opportunity to put forward your views and opinions.

o In the third part of the class I will work on your vocabulary building, teaching you advanced vocabulary including phrasal verbs and idiomatic expressions.

o Finally I will work on your writing skills in addition to the paid class. I will give you writing tasks and correct them for you.

Course Range

- I teach general English courses from beginner up to advanced level.

- Also I teach special courses including:

o Business English at intermediate and advanced level. I use the Market Leader as the main text book but I will be teaching business English phrasal verbs, expressions and idioms alongside it.

o Job interview preparation. I have a crash 5 hour course to get you ready for your interview. I will teach you how to answer the typical questions which come up in an interview, you prepare your answers and then we will have a mock job interview checking your readiness. Also you will listen to many audio and sample interviews.

o Finally IELTS and TOEFL exam preparation. I have special courses prepared to get you ready for these all very important exams.

So if you are looking for intensive classes to achieve results quickly I am here to help you.

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23 abr 2018
Por : Luo N
Tema : Inglés 
19 abr 2018
Por : EliasK
Tema : Inglés 
I've had a very good trial lesson. Straight to the point, good overview, and helps me make my decision.
15 abr 2018
Por : Luo N
Tema : Inglés 
08 abr 2018
Por : Luo N
Tema : Inglés 
Excellent experience. AI is really nice and well prepared!

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