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Hola. Mi nombre es Manju Bansal, tengo 65 años y actualmente vivo en India. Soy hablante nativo de Hindi y enseño Hindi, Sanskrit. Enseño idiomas en línea con Verbalplanet.com desde enero 2017. Puedo hablar estos idiomas de manera fluida: Hindi, English, Sanskrit. Actualmente ofrezco una clase de prueba gratuita para alumnos nuevos.

Perfil detallado en Inglés

Acerca de mí

Hi, My name is Manju Bansal.

I have done my Post Graduation in English & Hindi, along with a Bachelor of Education with teaching subjects English, Sanskrit & Hindi. Hindi is my native language.

I have worked with many reputed educational institutions in several parts of India ( My husband was posted in a National bank so he was transferred very frequently), I now work full time as independent professional language teacher.

Teaching has been my passion right from college days. The love for literature and arts made my choices of subjects quite natural and I completed my MA in Hindi 

and English followed by Bachelor of Education. 

I have  always been connected to this field, first by teaching in schools, then providing Hindi training to professionals in reputed companies and later on home-tutoring for more than 25 years now. I am also on the panel for evening classes for reputed schools.Presently I am working with a reputed Indian site, as a Hindi language / Sanskrit language teacher.

I am a loving and caring person who is attached to her family as well as her profession. Teaching Hindi language and Sanskrit language to young kids gives me  a sense of fulfillment and I continue to actively pursue it until today. Although I did not do masters in Sanskrit still I teach this language with full command because I studied Sanskrit as a formal subject till my 12th standard and after that I studied Sanskrit on my own because of my passion for this subject.

Teaching Hindi language is a good instrument to enhance tourism in India. Many people have a keen desire to visit India but restrict themselves because of language problems, as Hindi is widely spoken all over India. So, It will be great on my part If I become a medium in making non-Indians and non-resident Indians have the ability to converse in Hindi.

Certificaciones y experiencia

I have dual Master's in Hindi & English, along with Bachelor's degree in Education with teaching subjects Hindi, English & Sanskrit . I'm a native Hindi speaker and can help students to learn Hindi from all aspects or from all backgrounds. I now have over 30 years of experience of teaching Hindi language.

Teaching Experience

- Taking Private tuition in Hindi/Sanskrit from 1996 - 2016 ( 20 years ).

- Taught Hindi language & Sanskrit language to class IX & X students at Delhi Public School, Noida hostel from 1996 - 99.

Past Professional Experience

1. 10.07.94 to 10.05.96

2. 15.10.93 to 09.07.94

3. 01.08.92 to 15.05.93

4. 01.02.92 to 31.03.92 & 01.05.90 to 19.05.90

5. 01.07.85 to 15.05.87

6. 01.07.76 to 15.07.78

Special Experience

Taught Hindi to non-native speakers in association with the below organisations

16.12.97 to 15.05.98

14.08.97 to 21.11.97

20.03.96 to 24.05.96

I have experience of teaching in different institutions of different cities of India as my husband was posted in a nationalised bank and had been transferred from one city to another.


Exam.Passed Year Subjects

Master of Arts (Hindi) 1995 Hindi

Bachelor of Education 1976 Teaching Subjects Sanskrit language, English language

Master of Arts ( English) 1975 English

Bachelor of Arts 1973 Hindi language, English language, Sociology

Intermediate 1971 Hindi language, English language ., H.Sc. Sanskrit language ,Drawing & Painting

High School 1969 Hindi language, English language ., H.Sc. Sanskrit language ,Drawing & Painting

I have taken to online teaching and it has been a fabulous experience. Starting from a few foreign students, today I have students from many countries like U S, Abu dabi, Dubai and Singapore who took it first as a trial lesson and now they are completely trusting on this medium.

Método de enseñanza

Teaching Approach

** Free 45 minute trial session **

I have a very patient approach towards teaching and try to make the content and delivery specific to the requirements of the student. I always try my level best to customize the session according to the requirements of the learner e. g. if the learner is a foreign native and wishes to learn Hindi for conversation only, other student lives in Dubai, he/she is studying Hindi as a subject in his curriculum, in both the cases, method of teaching would be entirely different.

Teaching is my passion. I always try to understand the child first and then try to start from the root to make the base of the subject strong.

I am very much familiar with the use of whiteboard as well as have a good practice to write over it, not only this I use digital pen also to make the things more understanding to my students.

Online teaching is really fabulous practice that makes best use of the advancement in connectivity. It not only saves time, but is also very easy to adapt to. Students don't need any special arrangements, just a normal P.C. or laptop and a stable internet connection. It is so simple to use that I have taught even children of 2nd & 3rd standard with little guidance of their parents. Overall, it is a lot of fun, ease and immensely effective.

I take one to one sessions, and the course content is designed as per requirements of the student which includes alphabets, vocabulary, writing practice, asking and answering questions and conversation as well. I make my students relaxed and help them to get rid of hesitation in conversation in a different language. My Masters in English helps me to teach Hindi to those students who are from non Hindi background. I explain the content to them in English so that they are able to understand fast.

Insistence on speaking matters a lot. There is one amazing thing about Hindi that you do not have to learn spellings rather if you are speaking correctly, listening carefully, you will definitely spell correctly. There is no silent or hidden letter in Hindi.Only pronunciation needs practice. One does not need to rush, If you speak too fast, the danger is that you could skip over some words, fail to pronounce them completely, or mix them up. If you speak too slowly, you might end up sounding unnatural. But it's better to speak slowly and clearly than too quickly.

There is no shortcut to success. Only Sincerity and devotion to learning a language is the keyword and this applies much to the Hindi language also.


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