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Hola. Mi nombre es Lee-Roy Vaughn De Sa Cochrane, tengo 35 años y actualmente vivo en South Africa. Soy hablante nativo de English y enseño English. Enseño idiomas en línea con Verbalplanet.com desde noviembre 2018. Puedo hablar estos idiomas de manera fluida: English, Afrikaans.

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IELTS Test preparation and English Conversation Specialist!

My name is Professor Lee-Roy Vaughn DeSa-Cochrane. I live in South Africa in a town called Orkney which is in the North West Provence of South Africa. I am 35 years of age. I have over 16 years experience teaching ESL online using Skype.

Types of classes I teach:

I specialize in IELTS Classes, and other test preparation classes. I also teach Business English, Conversational classes and more.

I am also currently A principal / Headmaster , and l teach English and Business Studies here at a local school in my town, Orkney at Smart Caps Education & Training College. I have been teaching online now for the past 9 years and have worked for many known Online schools such as EF Englishtown, (CCT) Continental Careers Training, and English Global on Line. I have also worked closely with the British Council here in my country assisting with General and Academic IELTS training classes and test bookings.

I have also traveled and taught many students from different countries with diverse cultures and cultural beliefs. I have traveled to countries like China, Thailand, and Brazil. I am very interested in learning languages, and learning about different cultures as I believe a person is never too young or too old to learn.

I have excellent leadership, communication, organisational and people skills. I believe in practicing good teaching ethics, and showing respect, as I believe that if you respect others, they will respect you.

My teaching style is Task-Based teaching, as I believe that a student will improve their skills more if the class is more student centered. I believe that a person will learn better through practice and doing more tasks, allowing the student more time to speak and express themselves than just listening to a teacher, thus improving their speech clarity, confidence, accuracy, and fluency.

My hobbies are reading, singing, as I love music, being outdoors and doing outdoor activities.

Teaching is my passion and if I can help improve someone's life by education, that in itself is a great reward.

Certificaciones y experiencia

I have a Bachelors Degree in Education as well as a CELTA Level 5 in teaching ESL which I obtained at Cambridge University. I also have a TEFL/TESOL 240 Hour Combined that I obtained through i to i TEFL/TESOL. I have over 16 years experience teaching online as I used to teach for EF English Town, and did all the necessary training for PL and GL classes. I am also experienced in training people to take the IELTS exam. I also currently teach English and Business studies to adults and grade 9, 10 and 11 students here at the local school where I work.

Método de enseñanza

I am a specialist in IELTS and Test preparation training. Including English classes and business English...

As I said before my approach to teaching is Task-Based using the (PPP) method, as I believe that a student will learn more from doing tasks and getting more time to communicate and practice their speaking skills, making the lessons more student structured and focused than teacher focus.

I believe that with the correct combination of visual aids, as well as introducing new vocabulary and grammar, a student is able to explore the language better, practice using the language in everyday situations, improving production.

I have a fun, simple way to introducing my lessons using many resources given to me for example, a virtual classroom, pictures, phrases, and much more. I also believe motivating and complementing the student is very important as well as correcting.

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