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Hola. Mi nombre es Anastasia Traynin, tengo 31 años y actualmente vivo en Korea, South. Soy hablante nativo de English y enseño English. Enseño idiomas en línea con Verbalplanet.com desde noviembre 2018. Puedo hablar estos idiomas de manera fluida: English, French, Korean, Russian. Actualmente ofrezco una clase de prueba gratuita para alumnos nuevos.

Perfil detallado en Inglés

Acerca de mí

Hello! My name is Anastasia Traynin and I go by my abbreviated first name, Ana (pronounced like Anna). I am a native English speaker, born in Russian, raised in the United States and currently based in Seoul, South Korea. I have been teaching English as a foreign language to middle, high school and adult students in French and Korean classrooms since 2011.

I am bilingual in English and Russian, proficient in French and high intermediate level in Korean. My passion for languages and writing comes from my immigrant family that taught me the true importance of communication with different people. I am currently researching education reform at the Master's level in a Korean university.

Certificaciones y experiencia

Education and Qualifications:

MA - Korean Studies, Education, Academy of Korean Studies (in progress)

BS - Film & Television, College of Communication, Boston University (2009)

TEFL.com 100+ hours certificate

English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Work Experience:

2018 - Present: one-on-one tutoring, online teaching, Korean-English translation

2016 - 2018: Korean adult and high school conversation

2012 - 2016: Korean public high school

2010 - 2011: French middle school

Coming from a bilingual English-Russian environment, learning French in school and Korean as a working adult, I can understand the challenges and complexities of second-language acquisition. I am happy to share my diverse knowledge of language and culture with students from all around the world. I specialize in intermediate level conversation, reading and writing for building global understanding.

Método de enseñanza

My teaching goal is a student-centered environment with real-life practical language use. I enjoy introducing students to worldwide cultures through English, with a special focus on social change, environment, food and youth trends. I am very flexible with each student's needs and always leave enough time for reviewing difficult vocabulary and grammar, while connecting these points with the topic at hand.

For natural language learning, I like to use video, music, and short news articles and stories that are enjoyable and relevant to students' lives. Sometimes English can be serious when talking about real-life issues and sometimes it can be silly and fun with different games. I adapt easily and build strong relationships with my students. The best part of teaching is learning as much as I can from the wonderful brave people who are taking on the challenge of language study.

I look forward to meeting you and helping you reach your English learning goals!


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