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Hola. Mi nombre es Lan Do, tengo 30 años y actualmente vivo en Viet Nam. Soy hablante nativo de Vietnamese y enseño English, Japanese, Vietnamese. Enseño idiomas en línea con Verbalplanet.com desde enero 2019. Puedo hablar estos idiomas de manera fluida: Vietnamese, English, Japanese. Actualmente ofrezco una clase de prueba con un descuento del 90% de mi tarifa normal para alumnos nuevos.

Perfil detallado en Inglés

Acerca de mí

Hi, everyone. My name is Lan. I’m 31 years old. I’m a native Vietnamese speaker.

I've been working as a teacher and private tutor for 10 years. I love teaching a lot. It’s my passion. I can teach Vietnamese, English and Japanese. In my free time, I like playing with my cats and watching American movies.

Certificaciones y experiencia

- I got the Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in English in 2010 and the Japanese Proficiency Certification – N2 in 2011.

- I have worked for 3 prestigious English schools and I have taught various private study groups in Ho Chi Minh City.

- At English schools, I teach General English, English for Communication and prepare students for Cambridge exams. For private study groups, I develop and present comprehensive lesson plans which suit the students' needs.

- I have one year of experience in teaching Vietnamese to foreigners who travel and work in Vietnam. With my effective, easy-to-understand approach, they can enjoy their trips more, have fun talking with the local people and work more efficiently as they understand more about Vietnamese people.

- Besides English, I taught Japanese to my nephews and my friends. They now have a strong foundation equivalent to Japanese N4 level.

Método de enseñanza

With over 10 years of teaching English and 1-year teaching Vietnamese and Japanese, I have used many textbooks, materials and have accumulated lots of great teaching methods. I can now flexibly tailor the lessons that best suit the students’ levels.

I’m not a strict teacher. I’m more like an enthusiastic guide who always supports you and helps you in your language studies.

My lessons mainly focus on conversation. I believe we learn a language in order to communicate, in other words, to convey our opinions and feelings to our listeners, not to pass some tests then end the learning process.

If you are a beginner, I will help you build a strong foundation and gain confidence right from the start.

If you have learned for quite some time, but still get nervous when it comes to speaking, don’t worry, with my method, I’m sure you will feel comfortable and confident. Let’s speak a lot, shall we?

*In the first lesson, I will first test your language skills in order to understand your current level and your purpose for learning.

------------- Lessons I'm currently offering -------------

1. Basic Vietnamese

2. Vietnamese - Free Talk

3. Basic English Conversation Practice

4. English - Free Talk


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