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Hola. Mi nombre es Adriana Da Silva, tengo 38 años y actualmente vivo en Spain. Soy hablante nativo de Spanish y enseño Spanish. Enseño idiomas en línea con Verbalplanet.com desde enero 2019.

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Hi, everyone, my name is Adriana, I am from Venezuela. I am 37 years old, my native language is Spanish and I speak peninsular Spanish and Latin-American spanish. At this moment I am living in Barcelona, I am a teacher of learning disabilities. I have also been teaching Spanish to foreigners for over 3 years online as well as on site. I like to travel, read and talk about many topics. I consider myself a great conversationalist. Language teaching is something that I really love, for me it is a great challenge to help my students learn Spanish.

Certificaciones y experiencia

As I mentioned above, I am a teacher of learning disabilities, I have been teaching Spanish to foreigners for over 3 years online as well as on site. Last year I was certified as an ELE Spanish teacher for foreigners. During this training I acquired new teaching techniques and improved the skills that I already had before. This certificate is governed by the Common European Framework of Reference (CERR). I have students of various ages and levels of Spanish, the ages of my students vary from 4 years old to 45 years. I also have a level B2 in English and a level B1 in Portuguese.

Método de enseñanza

When I teach Spanish I focus on the 4 linguistic skills which are reading, writing, listening and conversation, however I put a lot of emphasis on listening and speaking, since they are the fastest and the most effective way to learn Spanish. I design my lessons according to the needs, interests and level of Spanish of my students. In my classes I use infographics, audios, podcasts, links and different types of exercises. Another of my goals is that my lessons are interactive, dynamic and fun, going from the simplest content to the most complex, in my lessons I look for my students lose the fear of speaking,

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Hace 5 días.
06 jun 2020
Por : Martin C
Tema : Español 
Another useful lesson.
03 jun 2020
Por : Martin C
Tema : Español 
Fantastic, well-prepared lesson.
31 may 2020
Por : Martin C
Tema : Español 
Adriana is a great teacher who is friendly and personable. She is very easy to talk to and is very knowledgeable. Being from Venezuela but living in Spain puts her in an excellent position to help with both dialects. Highly recommended.
28 may 2020
Por : Kim F
Tema : Español 
I was able to practice speaking and listening, which is exactly what I wanted. She explains well how and when to use certain verbs and phrases. Also, she gave many good tips of how I can reach my language goals.

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