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Taron Ware
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Hola. Mi nombre es Taron Ware, tengo 25 años y actualmente vivo en United States. Soy hablante nativo de English y enseño English, French. Enseño idiomas en línea con Verbalplanet.com desde febrero 2019. Puedo hablar estos idiomas de manera fluida: English, French, Spanish. Actualmente ofrezco una clase de prueba con un descuento del 50% de mi tarifa normal para alumnos nuevos.

Perfil detallado en Inglés

Acerca de mí

Hello! I am a lover and learner of languages, and I hope to share my linguistic passion with you through personalized, compelling, and comprehensible lessons.

We will work together in order to improve your English proficiency in meaningful ways that are relevant to your personal goals.

I have taught English in France with the Teaching Assistant in France Program (TAPIF), and am a native speaker of English. You can be assured that our conversations will be authentic and natural.

Please, check my schedule and see if we can find a time to meet!

Certificaciones y experiencia

I have been teaching for four years, and hold a Virginia French language teaching license (which requires a foreign language teaching methods course applicable to ALL languages). I have spent one year teaching English in France, and the past three years teaching French in an American public high school in rural, southwest Virginia.

I have attended many language-related conferences, including LangFest (Montréal, 2018) and several consecutive years of the Foreign Language Association of Virginia conference (I'll be presenting at the fall 2019 edition of this one!). I've also participated in training and received a certificate for Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) training, so I am quite qualified to assess student proficiency.

My experiences inside the classroom and around the "language nerd scene" have provided me with invaluable insight into language pedagogy and the best techniques/ strategies thereof. It is my pleasure to share my experience with you!

Método de enseñanza

I believe that language acquisition should be dynamic, compelling, and comprehensible. I enjoy using a variety of tech-based tools in order to reinforce student understanding of the material, including gamified web-based learning tools that students of all ages will enjoy!

I teach using non-targeted communicatively embedded input. In other words, the language in our lessons will be derived from meaningful conversations, student-created stories, and authentic resources such as songs, video clips, and articles, all of which will be based upon your unique interests.

My goal will be for you to understand 100% of what I am saying by providing you with verbal and visual cues throughout our lessons. I do not focus on teaching grammar explicitly - I will only go over grammar topics if you have a particular question about something or if I think it is necessary (most of the time it won't be!).

It doesn't matter what your level of English is - my approach to instruction is accessible to anyone and is focused on proficiency.

Each lesson will include:

✓ Audio files

✓ A document with any important vocabulary/ grammar explanations

✓ Custom online assignments/ extension activities

✓ Additional resources for independent work outside of our scheduled lessons

Together we will work to determine what your exact learning goals are and devise a solid learning plan from there!

Perfil detallado en Francés

Acerca de mí

Salut! Je suis ravi de pouvoir partager ma passion pour la langue française avec toi!

J'adore apprendre et enseigner les langues, je voyage quand je peux, et je suis amateur de culture.

Certificaciones y experiencia

J'enseigne actuellement dans un lycée public américain, et ça depuis trois ans. Je ne suis pas locuteur natif en français, mais j'ai déjà vécu en France où je travaillais en tant que prof d'anglais dans un lycée français, et j'ai été depuis sept ans prof dans une colonie de vacances estivale d'immersion française destinée aux lycéens les plus doués pour la langue française dans le Commonwealth de Virginie.

Método de enseñanza

À mon avis, l'apprentissage d'une langue doit être dynamique et compréhensible. À travers nos leçons, nous travaillerons ensemble pour perfectionner votre français d'une manière détendue et abordable. Nous ne nous focaliserons pas sur la grammaire ou sur la conjugaison de verbes. Le but de nos leçons sera plutôt de développer la fluidité avec laquelle vous parlez et comprenez la langue française.

Chaque leçon comprendra:

✓ des fichiers audio

✓ des documents avec du vocabulaire pertinent

✓ des activités à compléter en dehors de l'heure de votre leçon

J'ai hâte de parler français avec vous!

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13 abr 2019
Por : deserine r
Tema : Francés 
Taron is a great teacher!
09 abr 2019
Por : Linawaty
Tema : Francés 
Taron avoid to explain in English which is very good for me. Only when I still didn’t understand, he will explain in English
06 abr 2019
Por : deserine r
Tema : Francés 
Great class Taron. I am confident I will learn a lot in your classes.

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