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Jasmine Denesh
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 Hola, mi nombre es Jasmine Denesh y soy un tutor de Tamil con experiencia que actualmente vive en India. He estado enseñando Tamil en línea desde abril 2021. Actualmente estoy ofreciendo una lección de prueba con un 50% de descuento en el precio de mi lección normal para los nuevos estudiantes. 
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tutor tiaaqasantia
United States
 Hello! This is my first time using verbal planet. Jasmine is a great teacher! My first lesson was very easy and she explained things very well and is very kind and caring in ensuring that I understood the meanings and pronunciations of each word. So if anyone has any interest in learning Tamil I highly recommend Jasmine Denesh! 
Acerca de mí - Inglés

I am a native Tamil speaker and a certified teacher with correct pronunciation without any dialects. My interest in Tamil is boundless. I learned Tamil from my childhood to my higher education. I have been tutoring for 7 years and am very keen to teach Tamil to adults and children. During my graduation I was the President of the "Tamil Literary Association".

I have a vast knowledge and know how to make students understand, read and write Tamil very easily with a correct pronunciation. My goal as a native speaker is to develop anyone to speak and understand Tamil. I provide well-structured, organized, interactive, accurate pronunciation lessons for primary, intermediate and advanced courses, and conversational Tamil that guarantees results.

I am passionate about Tamil lifestyle and culture. I have a vast knowledge as I am a Native Tamil speaker from Tamil Nadu. My childhood and education has made me learn and know various culture and journals of Tamil. I am extremely happy to explain the culture, lifestyle, literature, poems, epics, Thirukkural, Aathichoodi, kondrai vendan, moodhurai, Mahabharatham, ramayanam, Silapathikaaram or any books based on the student's requirement. I can explain stories behind celebration of Diwali, Pongal and other festivals and celebration to kids and adults.

Certificaciones y experiencia

Bachelor's and a native, certified tutor.

I have 5 years of online experience and 2 years of classroom experience in teaching Tamil. I have been teaching Tamil to children and adults, non-natives and all students who want to learn Tamil. I teach Tamil in a well-structured way with the right pronunciation.

I have completed over 1000 lessons for students in the UK, US, Singapore, Malaysia and worldwide. I have experience in teaching Tamil to kids, Beginners, Academic Tamil (CBSE, MOE, ICSE,IGCSE).

Método de enseñanza

I provide well-structured, organized, interactive, accurate pronunciation lessons and spoken Tamil that provide guaranteed results for beginner, intermediate and advanced courses. I also provide tips and guides that will always help you stay in touch with the language. I can also meet a student’s specific need. I will adapt the lessons according to the level and needs of the students and provide a structured teaching to help students realize their learning progress.

I use a "VERBAL ENGINEERING " method to increase the familiarity of the words and easily remember the structure of the sentence and grammar. Easy charts and pdf are provided to keep everything on track.

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