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 Hola, mi nombre es Georgina Zhang y soy un tutor de Chino Mandarín con experiencia que actualmente vive en Alemania. He estado enseñando Chino Mandarín en línea desde diciembre 2021. Actualmente estoy ofreciendo una lección de prueba de prueba gratis para los nuevos estudiantes. 
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tutor 17 jul 2023
 Classes with Georgina are always a joy. Content is perfectly tailored to the needs of the student, all while Georgina is right there to support you along the way. 
tutor 10 jul 2023
 I always look forward to class with Georgina, every time is a pleasure! Even more motivating is the steady improvement of my skills! 
tutor 10 sep 2022
 Excellent session as always, looking forward to the next! 
tutor 10 sep 2022
 Classes with Georgina are a joy, as always. Thanks! 
tutor 08 sep 2022
 Georgina's experience and flexibility is unmatched and is greatly valuable for making steady progress. 
tutor 08 sep 2022
 Thanks again for the great lesson, Georgina is highly recommendable! 
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Acerca de mí - Inglés

Hi, my name is Georgina, I hold a master degree on economics from the university UIBE in China. I have taught Chinese to children, teenagers and adults for more than five years and have taught all levels of Chinese as well from absolute beginner to business courses in Chinese. I’ve taught students from Japan, Korea, Italy, Germany...

I am an authentic Beijinger and speak standard Mandarin with very clear and exact pronunciation. I can speak fluent English, my German is in B2 level.

I want to support you and your child’s Chinese, as well as prepare you for your HSK exams, and later on, if required, I can give you a hand on your college applications in China. I want to help you to improve your Chinese pronunciation, as well as the writing abilities in Chinese.

Certificaciones y experiencia

I have 5 years of teaching experience with kids and adults. I have taught in all levels of Chinese from absolute beginners to the business course in Chinese. I have a bunch of useful teaching summaries in Chinese which fit to different students with different levels.

I’m a certified Chinese teacher by CTCSOL.

Método de enseñanza

I prefer to use the method of immersive teaching.

For both newcomers and experienced ones, we learn Chinese in a relaxing, enjoyable way and customize your learning schedule based on your interests/needs.

For children and newcomers in general, I prefer using pictures/media to help them visualize and understand.

For adults and experiences Chinese learners, the lessons will be more structured and more communication orientated.

Students will gain new knowledge after every lesson and reach their goal step by step.

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