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 Hola, mi nombre es Lucie Kaufnerova y soy un tutor de Checo con experiencia que actualmente vive en Nueva Zelanda. He estado enseñando Checo en línea desde agosto 2022. Actualmente estoy ofreciendo una lección de prueba de prueba gratis para los nuevos estudiantes. 
Acerca de mí - Inglés

I am a native Czech speaker, living in beautiful New Zealand.

I moved to NZ 11 years ago following new job opportunities of my partner and searching for a better, more relaxed life style. In the Czech Republic I completed the course of Czech and English Philology (linguistics and literature) at Palacky University, Olomouc, CR, receiving Master's Degree in my main subjects: English, Czech and Theory and Methodology of Translation. Since 2000 (the year of my graduation) I have been teaching Czech and English, both at schools and privately.

Nine years ago I established Czech School Auckland, NZ, for the kids of Czech expats lining in Auckland. Apart from the Czech lessons we organize events for Czechs in Auckland. I am experienced in teaching both languages, Czech and English, both face to face and online. I have done hundreds of online lessons. I love working with my students, both kids and adults, and I'm always looking for new ways on how to make the lessons effective and funny. Individual online lessons proved to be very effective as they are targeted to a person's needs and language abilities.

For my lessons I use high quality teaching materials such as modern textbooks, large variety of online materials and also I create my own materials. I am passionate about working with bilingual children observing how they learn a new language in its natural environment. I have four children, two of them were born in NZ and they are a perfect example of how a bilingual brain works. I am really amazed about their natural ability to switch from English to Czech and back. It is really important to know the language of your parents and grandparents if you live abroad because the language is the key for understanding the culture of a nation in its complexity.

Apart from teaching and a passion for language studies, I love hiking, biking and sailing (awesome ways to explore New Zealand) and yoga. And also sewing and baking :-)

Being bilingual is a gift but even if you don't come from a bilingual environment it is always worth learning a foreign language! It gives you lots of life opportunities and trains your brain. So why not to try it with me? I am looking forward meeting you and accompany you in your language journey.

See you soon.


Certificaciones y experiencia

Master's Degree course in Czech and English Philology (linguistics, literature, translation studies): five-year course at Palacky University, Olomouc, CR

20 years of experience in teaching Czech and English. Both face-to-face and online.

Método de enseñanza

My lessons are targeted to a person's needs and language abilities. As a solid base I use high quality modern textbooks. You need them even if you prefer conversational or any other modern approach as they offer you an outline of grammar. And if you don't have at least the basic knowledge of grammar, you can't communicate properly. I use a lot of online material and material I created by myself for both kids and adults.

I can do conversations based on everyday topics, newspapers or other media. We will talk about ordinary life, about the life in different countries, cultural differences etc. We can even walk around and I can show you a bit of New Zealand nature :-)

The teaching approach is very individual so YOU will decide on how our lessons will look!

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