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Alice Zhong
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 Hola, mi nombre es Alice Zhong y soy un tutor de Chino Mandarín con experiencia que actualmente vive en China. He estado enseñando Chino Mandarín en línea desde mayo 2023. Actualmente estoy ofreciendo una lección de prueba de prueba gratis para los nuevos estudiantes. 
Mi último reseñas
tutor 11 dic 2023
 As always, Alice you were very forgiving with my mistakes and encouraging ^^. 谢谢您 I enjoyed the practice very much today^  
tutor 30 nov 2023
 谢谢。 我今天学到了很多^^ 
tutor 23 nov 2023
 Lots of really useful phrases and grammar explanation. Thank you!! 
tutor 16 nov 2023
 Another great lesson experience today. Thank you Alice^ 
tutor 09 nov 2023
 谢谢您 Alice^. The review was very helpful today. See you next week! 
tutor 02 nov 2023
 Thank you Alice for today's lesson. It was super helpful - you explained about using 几 and 多 really clearly, so I understood the difference. Now I just have to practice more !! 
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Acerca de mí - Inglés

I am a girl who lives in Shanghai, close to the East China Sea. Growing up near the ocean has instilled in me a calm and gentle nature. Coming from a family of educators, I have always felt that teaching is the perfect profession for me. Indeed, being a teacher has brought me a great sense of fulfilment and satisfaction. For me, teaching Chinese is not just about helping students learn how to communicate in Chinese and understand Chinese culture, it is also about opening up a whole new world of knowledge and understanding for my students through the study of language.

I have a passion for Chinese calligraphy, cooking delicious Chinese cuisine, but above all, cycling. There's nothing quite like the feeling of riding along the coastline, with the beautiful sea views and gentle breeze bringing a sense of inner peace and joy. Of course, I make sure to capture these moments and share them with my students, as well as all the other wonderful experiences that come with exploring the world around us.

Certificaciones y experiencia

I graduated from a university with a Bachelor's degree in English and obtained the International Chinese Teaching Certificate through examination.

I have three years of experience as a Chinese teacher for international students at Shanghai University of Engineering Science, as well as another three years of experience teaching Chinese at EF Education First.

Método de enseñanza

Language is a tool, and I believe that the most important aspect of language learning is mastering the use of this tool. I approach teaching through all four language skills - listening, speaking, reading, and writing - and use a variety of methods such as PPT, videos, games, and voiceovers to facilitate the learning process and ensure students can easily progress from input to output. Additionally, at the end of each class, I provide students with a summary of the day's main topics for review, along with supplementary practice exercises to reinforce their learning.

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