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 Hola, mi nombre es Michaela Synková y soy un tutor de Checo con experiencia que actualmente vive en República Checa. He estado enseñando Checo en línea desde noviembre 2023. Actualmente estoy ofreciendo una lección de prueba de prueba gratis para los nuevos estudiantes. 
Acerca de mí - Inglés

I work with the Czech language daily and would love to share this excellent language with you. I experienced learning the Slavic language as an expat while I was living in Slovenia and I think I can understand the struggle of learning complicated, unusual and to be honest, not really a worldwide useful language. But it is opening the doors to the hearts of Czechs and also to the pubs with Czech beer :)

I finished my studies as a journalist and after a few journalist jobs, I turned to freelance in copywriting and marketing. I have a thorough knowledge of the system of the Czech language. Lately, I have travelled a lot and I have lived in several different countries. I love languages and while I have a hand on experience with learning a new language in a new country I would love to help you with my beautiful native Czech.

I don’t have a pedagogy education, but I believe that the excitement, experience, and review from my students will make up for it. I think I can be really empathetic about what my student needs and I am very flexible about teaching methods.

Certificaciones y experiencia

How our LESSONS would look like?

My goal is to customize the lessons for you. And let's make it less serious and more friendly. I believe that the best way to learn a language is to listen and try to speak. I would like to focus on the topics and phrases you need the most in your life. And then finish it up with some grammar rules that you can try to practice.

- ONLINE - I am currently teaching mostly online. But except for a video call, I accompany the lesson with interactive tools, graphic materials, listening, videos, and games.

- VISUAL MATERIALS - every lesson has its own customized visual materials, which we can play with and they stay saved for you.

- INTERACTIVE - you will speak, you will play with the language, you will guess, and you will review, I want you to create your lessons as much as possible, so you will remember a lot. I am the guide and you are discovering the language.

- PATIENT - we all have our own tempo in learning languages, and I totally respect that. Nobody ever learned Czech over night.

- FRIENDLY - I want to know how you are, to tell me (in Czech of course) what is new in your life and since I am in touch with students usually every week, it is nice to have you all as friends. :)

Método de enseñanza

Ahoj! Jmenuji se/My name is Michaela. What can I help you with:

- CONVERSATION in Czech – actually start speaking. Are you hesitant to speak? Would you like to form sentences? Do you want to be able to speak in everyday life in Czech?

- CITIZENSHIP and PERMANENT RESIDENCE TEST preparations – I am helping to prepare for mostly speaking and writing parts of the A2 and B1 official Czech tests. Together we would go through all the topics for the test, extend the vocabulary, improve the phrases, explain some grammar that is standing in the way, and have fun with them.

- STARING WITH CZECH from scratch – for total beginners I love to be a guide through the new language.

- LOST IN GRAMMAR - if you already have some basics of Czech but it is a bit of a mess, we can give it some structure and practice.

- OTHER Czech struggles - do you have some special needs with Czech? We will figure out how I can help you.

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