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 Bonjour, je m'appelle Nikolett Varga et je suis un professeur Hongrois expérimenté vivant actuellement en Hongrie. J'enseigne Hongrois en ligne depuis janvier 2012. J'offre actuellement une leçon d'essai gratuit pour les nouveaux étudiants. 
Dernières critiques
tutor 20 avr 2024
Adam D
 Awesome tutoring session. I learned alot.  
tutor 22 jan 2024
Ciaran S
 Nikolett is an excellent teacher and has great resources to help assist in the learning journey. Would recommend! 
tutor 09 oct 2023
 Niki is a great teacher! If you want an interesting lesson, I would recommend her very much! 
tutor 22 sep 2023
 Niki is very patient with me if I have to reschedule a class - life is busy but I have no problem with reschedules. 
tutor 01 sep 2023
 Csodálatos osztály! 
tutor 22 aoû 2023
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Tout sur moi - Anglais

I have a master’s degree in Hungarian, English and Bulgarian. I have been teaching for 20 years and I am passionate about it, because I love meeting new people from different cultures.

I am working as a freelance teacher as well as a qualified oral examiner at different exam centres.

You can always ask me to learn special topics you are interested in or practice lifelike situations. In my classes I try to concentrate on communication and on improving communicative skills, yet keeping up with the necessary grammar and vocabulary. I prefer conversational classes as I think it is important to help students gain the confidence to speak. I also prepare personalized homework after each lesson to focus on the points we discussed during the lesson.

In case you wish to prepare for THE SIMPLIFIED NATURALIZATION INTERVIEW feel free to contact me.

Qualifications et expérience


2023 Oral Examiner training - Theolingua Examination Centre

2012 Oral Examiner training - City & Guilds Examination Centre

2011 Oral Examiner training - ECL Examination Centre

2009 Oral Examiner training - Euroexam Examination Centre

2008 English major, MA (summa cum laude) - University of Pecs, Hungary

2004 English major, BA - University of Szeged, Hungary

2001 Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE)

2000 Hungarian major, MA - University of Szeged, Hungary

1998 Bulgarian major, MA - University of Szeged, Hungary


2007 - Hungarian as a Foreign Language Teacher

1999 - English teacher, exam preparation, interpreting, translating

2017 - Police Interpreter and Translator

2011 - British American Tobacco Company, Teaching Business English, exam preparation

2011 - ECL Examination Centre, Examiner

2009 - Euroexam Examination Centre, Examiner

2004- 2000 Alma Language School, Pecs, Hungary - English teacher: Individual teaching of company employees and ex3cutives. Teaching English for disabled people

Méthode d'enseignement

I know that not every student learns at the same pace so I tailor my lessons to suit the learning style and goals of each of my student. To make classes fun, inspiring and up-to-date, I love to use videos and films, news and short articles always adjusted to the student’s current level. I send the homework of the next class together with the vocabulary notes of the previous one in email before each class.

I use various collected grammar and speaking exercises, which cover all the necessary grammatical and lexical issues. I try to make my classes dynamic and interactive and I regularly check the effectiveness of my teaching by short word tests :-)

Ask for a free trial lesson and you will see more.

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