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 Bonjour, je m'appelle T. Simona O et je suis un professeur Roumain expérimenté vivant actuellement en Espagne. J'enseigne Roumain en ligne depuis mars 2014. J'offre actuellement une leçon d'essai à prix réduit à 50% sur le prix de ma leçon normale pour les nouveaux étudiants. 
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tutor 15 aoû 2022
 Brilliant lesson! 
tutor 11 aoû 2022
 Simona demonstrates a high quality of teaching. 
tutor 08 aoû 2022
 Skillfully planned lesson! Perfectly suited. 
tutor 04 aoû 2022
 Expert teaching 
tutor 02 aoû 2022
 Great lesson 
tutor 27 Jul 2022
 Great teacher! 
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Tout sur moi - Anglais

Welcome and thank you for viewing my profile! If you want to learn Romanian in an easy, fun and efficient way, then you’ve come to the right place.

I love teaching and I’m looking forward to sharing my enthusiasm for the Romanian language and culture with you. I also have experience in learning a foreign language, so I understand your needs and challenges.

I currently live in Romania, but I also lived in the USA, Greece and Spain.

I adore traveling, great food and opera. I am an active person; I like outdoor activities and running marathons.

Qualifications et expérience

I have a Bachelor Degree from University of Bucharest and a Master Degree from New York University, USA.

I’ve started teaching Romanian as a foreign language in 2006. I’ve worked with people from different parts of the world: USA, UK, Canada, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, South Africa, Ukraine, Egypt, Spain, France, Bulgaria, Israel, Czech Republic and Switzerland.

I have taught a wide variety of learners from first graders to senior citizens, complete beginners to advanced students.

Méthode d'enseignement

My teaching approach is friendly and focused on the requests of the learners.

It's very important to understand why you want to learn Romanian, and this will have a significant impact on my methodology and lesson content. If you want to learn just for a trip abroad, we'll take a different approach to if you want to study or move to Romania.

I will provide you with all the materials you need in different formats (word documents, power point slides, pdf and mp3) so you can access them on different devices at home or on the go.

Because I like my learning experience to be pleasant, fun and very effective, I do my best to create that for my students.

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