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 Bonjour, je m'appelle Angela Borbely et je suis un professeur Hongrois expérimenté vivant actuellement en Hongrie. J'enseigne Hongrois en ligne depuis octobre 2019. J'offre actuellement une leçon d'essai à prix réduit à 50% sur le prix de ma leçon normale pour les nouveaux étudiants. 
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tutor 28 jan 2022
 Lessons are well paced and lots of student talking time.  
tutor 19 avr 2021
 I love learning Hungarian language with Angela. She is an amazing teacher :)) 
tutor 01 jan 2021
louise p
 She is amazing! Makes learning so fun and easy! Highly recommend :D  
tutor 26 aoû 2020
 Очень нравится  
tutor 18 aoû 2020
 Продуктивный урок 
tutor 12 aoû 2020
 Ангела очень понятно объясняет, дает много материалов из разных учебников 
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Tout sur moi - Anglais

I am a 39 years-old woman from Southern Hungary - from a little town called Mohács.

Qualifications et expérience

I have been teaching for 14 years. I have been teaching Hungarian for 15 years.

I started to teach Hungarian online at the end of 2009-beginning of 2010. I gained my diplomas in Russian and Polish, but the fact is that my PhD studies were all about the Hungarian language. While I was abroad on scholarships, I met students at the faculty of Hungarology and although I was a practicing teacher at the University of Warsaw and was teaching Polish grammar to the Polish (sounds interesting, huh? Cool yes, it was), I enjoyed the new challenge. I visited their classes to do my own researches about the relation between morphological awareness of the mother tongue and learning a foreign language (theme of my dissertation), and University teachers of Hungarian as a foreign language asked me if I could help them on their lessons. I said yes, of course! Then some Polish people asked me if I could teach them and I was happy to start helping them. Well, that is where and how it all started.


PhD Obligatory courses finished: jan. 2013, Applied linguistics, University of Pecs, Hungary.

Dissertation theme: Derivation and language awareness in the expansion of Russian language learners, vocabulary

Main research areas: foreign language learning, vocabulary, morphology, psycholinguistics (both in Hungarian and Russian languages)

May 2009: Diploma - Master of Arts of Russian language and literature (excellent, with a Polish specialization), University of Pecs, Hungary. Thesis of the year. Thesis theme: Russian-Polish lexical parralelisms.

Second diploma: Russian translator in social sciences and economics.

Work experience

From 09.2010 until 02.2011: practising teacher at the University of Warsaw, Institute of Applied Linguistics (teaching descriptive grammar of the Polish language for Polish native speakers, students of the UW, Warsaw, Poland).

From 2009: practising teacher at the University of Pecs, Hungary (teaching Russian language, Polish language and history of Russian language).

Méthode d'enseignement

All lessons are learner-specific, tailored to your needs.

I offer you plenty of materials chosen from different books and those assembled by myself. All materials are provided, so you do not need to buy anything! You have to invest only in your online lessons. Some hours before the lessons you receive your materials into your mail inbox. You can print it if you want or simply open the files during the lessons. Everyone receives his/her own material, there are no 2 lessons the same! Also it is impossible to set up a whole plan for the language course several weeks ahead, because the plans may be changing according to your special needs, problems that might occur and questions you might ask about the language.

Every time we start with a little conversation (well, it depends on your level, first we may only be able to ask each other "How are you?"), then we check homework (some language learners prefer not to have so many ex3cises for homework, while others like working on the material after the lessons - you can have your own choice, it depends on you). After this we start working on the new material.

During the whole lesson I type words and phrases into the skype message box. So you do not need to write anything. Let us not waste our time with writing! :) It is very important, that in the lessons we speak Hungarian as much as possible. New words, phrases and sentences the learner might not understand are explained in Hungarian and not in English. English language is used only with beginners.

I adapt every lesson to my student's needs! You can always ask me to learn about a specific material that you are interested in or to practise grammar rules that you feel uncertain about. I am flexible and we can use the kind of method that you are used to or if you have no special questions or needs we can learn the way I plan it which is good, trust me :)

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