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Harlyson Silva
Portugais - Brésil Natif
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Remise de fidélité
 Bonjour, je m'appelle Harlyson Silva et je suis un professeur Portugais - Brésil expérimenté vivant actuellement en Brésil. J'enseigne Portugais - Brésil en ligne depuis mai 2020. J'offre actuellement une leçon d'essai à prix réduit à 90% sur le prix de ma leçon normale pour les nouveaux étudiants. 
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tutor 15 aoû 2022
 I LOVE practicing my Portugese with Harlyson. His easy manner and conversational abilities really draw out my language practice as he makes gentle corrections and encouragements. Literally my favorite teacher.  
tutor 24 aoû 2020
Lizabeth K
 Harylson has been a great tutor. I have been using him consistently for several months. He makes learning fun, and is very professional. Highly recommend! 
Tout sur moi - Anglais

Hi! My name is Harlyson. I am Brazilian and besides Portuguese, which is my native language, I also speak English and French. I am passionate about learning languages and teaching them, so I'm always looking for an engaging way to make my students learn faster and better.

Speaking in another language and reaching out to people from other parts of the planet is amazing!

Qualifications et expérience

I have been teaching English, French and Portuguese as a foreign language since 2007. I have experience as a teacher either at language schools or with individual classes in my hometown in Brazil. I have bachelor's in French and Portuguese languages and a master's degree in educational technology.

Méthode d'enseignement

The classes are based on conversation topics with the support of the communicative approach methodology. I use texts, images and videos to start a discussion and at the end I give you a personalized report of your learning.

If you want, you can also suggest the approach and materials of your preference to have an even more personalized experience.

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